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Virginia Woolf and Being-in-the-World
Explores Woolf's treatment of the relationship between self and world from an existential-phenomenological perspective Breaking fresh ground in... Les mer
French Philosophy Today
Alain Badiou, Quentin Meillassoux, Catherine Malabou, Michel Serres and Bruno Latour: this comparative, critical analysis shows the promises and... Les mer
Virginia Woolf
These 11 newly commissioned essays represent the evolution, or coevolution, of Woolf studies in the early 21st-century. Divided into 5 parts - Self... Les mer
Offers Agamben's genealogy of power in terms of political, philosophical and legal thought. This book investigates the genealogy of the strife... Les mer
Film Genre: Hollywood and Beyond
  Omtale av Film Genre Film Genre: Hollywood and Beyond provides a detailed account of genre history and contemporary trends in film... Les mer