Nordic Theatre Studies volume 25

Nordic Theatre Studies is an annual journal for scholars writing on any aspect of theatre. The journal uses peer review with an external board of referees. Nordic Theatre Studies is published by Föreningen Nordiska Teaterforskare. Innehåll
  • Introduction: Aneli Saro
  • Anneli Saro: The Poetics of Playing
  • Luule Epner: What do actors do in contemporary theatre?
  • Jurgita Staniskyte: Treading the Borderline
  • Barbara Orel: Fusing the fictional and the Real in the Contemporary Performing Arts
  • Modalities of Surfaces
  • Viccki Ann Cremona: The Poetics of Confrontation
  • Maria Berlova: Playing King
  • Willmar Sauter: The Digital Enchantment of Drottningholm
  • Reviews