Erotic Recipes: A Complete Menu for Male Potency Enhancement

Jiao Tong takes his direction from ancient Taoist and other texts which combine discussions of make potency, power, and food, creating a humorous and satirical work about sexism and political jargon in contemporary Taiwan. Like F.T. Marinetti's Futurist Cookbook, Erotic Recipes issues from the premise of a male-dominated society in which "what is good for the body," either food or medicine, is often translated into a concept of magic bullets that can help men posess women. Using political phrases for many of his recipes such as "Strengthening the Base" and "Return My Countryland," Jiao Tong unmasks the patriarchal myths that surround mush of contemporary Taiwanese culture.

Jiao Tong, the penname of Yeh Chen–fu, is the Executive Deputy Director of the literary supplement of Taiwan-s China Times