Eureka, A Prose Poem

The last of his books published during Poe’s lifetime, Eureka, A Prose Poem is a strange book indeed, particularly within the context of Poe’s desire that the work be judged only as a poem. Part scientific tract, part crazed speculation, Eureka is one of the most unusual—and fascinating—works ever written. Revealed within this text is the heart of Poe’s aesthetic and literary concerns.

“...I propose to show that this Oneness is a principle abundantly sufficient to account for the constitution, the existing phenomena and the plainly inevitable annihilation of at least the material universe,” writes Poe, hinting at a concept that has a great deal in common with the Big Bang Theory of the creation of the universe. Poe explores this major concept while commenting on the stars, planets, gravity, soul, body, and God in this remarkable phantasia on scientific thinking.

Unavailable in a single volume edition throughout much of this century, this edition reveals Poe as a brilliant American intellect, attempting to grapple with the most complex of ideas.

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