N Judah

The noted American playwright and novelist Len Jenkin has created a stunning new fiction in N Judah, the story of a San Francisco woman who, upon hearing of the death of her very special son, travels with an old lover to the American South. What they encounter in pre-Katrina New Orleans is as hidden and bizarre as the city itself: a mirrored maze of deception and half-truths that eventually erupt into violence.

Jenkin is the author of some of the most important dramas of our time, including Dark Ride, My Uncle Sam, American Notes, Limbo Tales, and Careless Love. He also has written for movies and television and has published a book for children. His novel New Jerusalem, printed by Sun & Moon Press, was highly acclaimed upon its 1986 publication.

The Village Voice Literary Supplement described the book as "one of the most successfully realized works, a novel that's both trashily entertaining (a great beach read) and is serious in its ambitions." The New York Times Book Review observed: Len Jenkin has pulled off something striking here: with comic-book exaggeration and a cynical luridness, he has created a delicate, moving novel set in a blasted, despairing future, early in the 21st century." "Part vintage William Burroughs, part detective novel, part a Sam Shepard-like vision of pop culture run amok and akin to Graham Greene's The Comedians, Len Jenkin's first novel...is a hayride to the hell of the not too distant future," added the San Francisco Examiner.