Rectification of Eros

"Change is a state of mind and the [author] Sam Eisenstein knows this territory well. Sometimes everything changes while nothing happens," wrote the New York Times Book Review of The Inner Garden. In his baffling, playful, and erotic new fiction, transformation is the key to all possibilities. Joe and his Labrador retriever, Jezabel, secretly ship themselves to Havana, hoping to start anew while escaping one of Joe's old girlfriends. Against the lush, tropical background of an imagined Cuba, in which Fidel Castro himself plays a major role, all hell breaks loose as Joe and Jezabel come to play a major role in the battle against world domination by the crafty, murderous Cat Women. Author of The Inner Garden and Price of Admission, Los Angeles writer Eisenstein lets loose his imagination this marvelously unusual novel.

Nøkkelord: Prosa