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The Belly of Paris
The Belly of Paris (Le Ventre de Paris) is one of Émile Zola's most wonderfully descriptive, humorous, and exciting fictions. In this novel, the... Les mer
A Moral Lesson
Paul Éluard was born in Saint-Denis, outside Paris. His father was a bookkeeper, whose wife helped out with finances by dressmaking. Sent to a Swiss... Les mer
The Chieko Poems
The major influence and subject of Takamura's work was Naganuma Cheiko, an early member of the feminist movement Seitosha. They were married in 1914... Les mer
Three Contemporary German Language Fiction Writers
This fourth volume of Green Integer publications of writers who received fellowships to the Villa Auora in Los Angeles focuses on fiction... Les mer
Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous
The great philosopher George Berkeley centered his Three Dialogues upon an imaginary discussion on the subject of materialism. Over the period of... Les mer
In the twenty-five years since his death in 1970, Paul Celan's reputation, though already firmly established while he was alive, has grown steadily.... Les mer
Gabrielle and the Long Sleep into Mourning
Originally published in 2001 as Gabrielle au bois dormant, Denyse Delcourt's brilliant fiction—a finalist for the Prix Anne-Hebert in 2001 and the... Les mer
The Bottle at Sea: The Complete Poems
Born in 1900 in Antwerp, Maurice Gilliams was one of the greatest Flemish writers of the 20th century. Although his poetic œuvre is contained in... Les mer
Voices: Three Plays
Born in Trieste in 1939, Claudio Magris is a major Italian scholar, translator, and writer. His first book, Il mito asburgico nella letteratura... Les mer
Growing up in St. Petersburg in an assimilated middle-class, Jewish family, Osip Mandelshtam was educated in classical studies. From 1907-1910 he... Les mer
Thin Gloves
Were we to watch King Lear to the end of Act Five, walk across the street to buy a movie ticket for Monty Python and the Holy Grail, we would have... Les mer
My Year 2005: Terrifying Times
In what author Douglas Messerli himself describes as a "strange project," My Year 2005 represents the first volume of Messerli's ongoing... Les mer
The Modern Fable
Born in 1894, Nishiwaki Junzaburo began by writing poems in English and French, his first two books being published in London. His early poems of... Les mer
Noted poet, author of Sand (Green Integer 67) and numerous other works, Dennis Phillips turns his talents to fiction in Hope. This, his first novel,... Les mer
Q's Q: An Arboreal Narrative
In his new fiction, playwright, poet and novelist Mac Wellman has created a hilarious satire of American theater. Chris Name, a nobody working at the... Les mer
Last Living Words
This Ingeborg Bachmann Reader consists of works of poetry and fiction published during the life of the great Austrian writer. Brilliantly translated... Les mer
The PIP (Project for Innovative Poetry) Anthology of World Poetry of the 20th Century
In 1979 Peter Glassgold edited for New Directions a collection of seven poets of the group of Dutch writers known through Europe as the Fiftiers,... Les mer
The PIP (Project for Innovative Poetry) Anthology of World Poetry of the 20th Century
The seventh volume of Green Integer's ongoing anthologies of world poetry of the 20th century is devoted to nine poets—all of whom held residencies... Les mer
Sebastien, Your Son
This is a memoir by a close friend of a family struck down by tragedy. French writer Claire Deveze details the personal sufferings of her best friend... Les mer
Poetry, etcetera: Cleaning House
What is poetry today, and how does it fit into our lives? Through a series of intelligent, personal, and often humorous essays, the great French poet... Les mer
The Day of Their Wedding
Two young people, Lorenzo and Althea, wish to get married; the only trouble is that they belong to a Shaker community and must run away to doo. This... Les mer
N Judah
The noted American playwright and novelist Len Jenkin has created a stunning new fiction in N Judah, the story of a San Francisco woman who, upon... Les mer
A Transparent Lion
Regarded by many as Hungary's greatest twentieth-century poet, Atilla József was born in Budapest in 1905 and died, after apparently throwing... Les mer
Antonello’s Lion
In his first novel since the acclaimed and award-winning Swanny's Ways, Steve Katz takes another look at the failure of Humanism in the West, through... Les mer