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Colonel Zoo
Is he a madman or the best butler you've ever had? Cadiot's zany first novel takes the British weekend house part paradigm and keeps shifting its... Les mer
1001 Great Stories, Volume 1
This is the first of an ongoing collection of anthologies which, ultimately, will represent 1001 of the world's greatest tales. In a grand conception... Les mer
1001 Great Stories, Volume 2
Volume 2 of 1001 Great Stories continues what will be the dominate pattern of the series, a wide-ranging selection of international figures covering... Les mer
White Magic and Other Poems
Recognized by the Poles as one of the greatest Polish poets of the 20th century, Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski was born in Warsaw in 1921. He began... Les mer
Cole Swensen's Noon is a stunning meditative mix of lyrical and prosaic poetry in constant motion. Swensen turns and returns the images from our... Les mer
The Condemned Apple: Selected Poems
In this bilingual edition, Green Integer presents, for the first time in English, the poetry of the greatest living Albanian poet, Visar Zhiti. As... Les mer
The PIP (Project for Innovative Poetry) Anthology of World Poetry of the 20th Century
Authors include David Antin, Rae Armantrout, Will Alexander, Wanda Coleman, Therese Bachand, Martha Ronk, Deborah Meadows, Diane Ward, Harryette... Les mer
Born in Czernowitz—the capital of the Bukovina (now part of the Ukraine and Rumania)—in 1920, Paul Celan is now recognized as one of the great... Les mer
A Tragic Man Despite Himself
Well known through the world for his late 29th and early 20th century plays "Uncle Vanya," "The Three Sisters," "The Sea... Les mer
The Good Soldier
Born in Kent, England in 1873, Ford Madox Ford began publishing fairy tales in the 1890s until he met Joseph Conrad in 1898. Together they... Les mer
Tousled Beauty: Selected Poems
Tousled Beauty is a selection of the young German poet Dieter M. Gräf's work, emphasizing poetry, often broken and "scruffy," from... Les mer
Islands: Lyrical Essays
Jean Grenier (1898-1971) was a French philosopher and writer who combined a rigorous philosophical intelligence with an artistic and literary... Les mer
Charlie P
In Charlie P author Richard Kalich offers us a singularly unique, comic and outlandish Everyman. A looney-tune figure of the American manchild—... Les mer
Listen to the Mockingbird
In this important new collection, editor Douglas Messerli has collected 78 lyrics of American folksongs and popular music from the 19th century. Some... Les mer
Views from a Tuft of Grass
Author winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Winner of the 1974 Nobel Prize for Literature (with fellow Swedish writer Eyvind Johnson), Harry... Les mer
Shadowtime is a thought opera based on the work and life of the German philosopher, essayist, and cultural critic, Walter Benjamin. The libretto was... Les mer
Violet Island And Other Poems
Born in Havana in 1952, Reina Maria Rodriguez developed her poetry in a cultural climate that could be both encouraging and tense. Over the years she... Les mer
In Ross' seventh book of poetry, he explores the relationships of seemingly unrelated words—of “middle” to “excluded,” “dizzy” to... Les mer
War Variations
The daughter of an Italian father and an English mother, Rosselli was born in Paris in 1930 and spent her childhood in France. Growing up speaking... Les mer
New and Selected Poems 1958-1980
Although best known for his fiction—including important novels such as Little Casino, Gold Fools (available from Green Integer), Aberration of... Les mer
Don Carlos and Giovanni
In the months of September and October 1833, a young Englishman known as Don Carlos Finds himself in Buenos Aires. There he meets a casual laborer,... Les mer
Your Paradise
One of the most revered novels of the 20th century literature in Korea, Your Paradise tells the story of a leper-colony, where the lepers are... Les mer
Crowtet 2
These two plays are the second of Wellman’s award-winning quartet of plays involving, in one way or another, characters who have taken up with or... Les mer
Progress/Under Erasure
Progress/Under Erasure re-presents in a new edition two innovative long poems by one of the best-known poets and critics associated with... Les mer