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Charlie P
In Charlie P author Richard Kalich offers us a singularly unique, comic and outlandish Everyman. A looney-tune figure of the American manchild—... Les mer
Listen to the Mockingbird
In this important new collection, editor Douglas Messerli has collected 78 lyrics of American folksongs and popular music from the 19th century. Some... Les mer
Views from a Tuft of Grass
Author winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Winner of the 1974 Nobel Prize for Literature (with fellow Swedish writer Eyvind Johnson), Harry... Les mer
Shadowtime is a thought opera based on the work and life of the German philosopher, essayist, and cultural critic, Walter Benjamin. The libretto was... Les mer
Violet Island And Other Poems
Born in Havana in 1952, Reina Maria Rodriguez developed her poetry in a cultural climate that could be both encouraging and tense. Over the years she... Les mer
In Ross' seventh book of poetry, he explores the relationships of seemingly unrelated words—of “middle” to “excluded,” “dizzy” to... Les mer
War Variations
The daughter of an Italian father and an English mother, Rosselli was born in Paris in 1930 and spent her childhood in France. Growing up speaking... Les mer
New and Selected Poems 1958-1980
Although best known for his fiction—including important novels such as Little Casino, Gold Fools (available from Green Integer), Aberration of... Les mer
Don Carlos and Giovanni
In the months of September and October 1833, a young Englishman known as Don Carlos Finds himself in Buenos Aires. There he meets a casual laborer,... Les mer
Your Paradise
One of the most revered novels of the 20th century literature in Korea, Your Paradise tells the story of a leper-colony, where the lepers are... Les mer
Crowtet 2
These two plays are the second of Wellman’s award-winning quartet of plays involving, in one way or another, characters who have taken up with or... Les mer
Progress/Under Erasure
Progress/Under Erasure re-presents in a new edition two innovative long poems by one of the best-known poets and critics associated with... Les mer
Temporary Worker Rides a Subway
In Temporary Worker Rides a Subway, Mark Wallace presents two long poem sequences that explore and question contemporary language surround money and... Les mer
Letters to Felician
Ingeborg Bachmann (1926-1973) was one of the major writers of the twentieth century, an important figure in both poetry and fiction. Letters to... Les mer
The PIP (Project for Innovative Poetry) Anthology of World Poetry of the 20th Century
In this fourth volume of the ongoing PIP (Project for Innovative Poetry) series of international anthologies, Messerli continues to explore the work... Les mer
Arcanum 17
Considered radical at the time, today Breton's ideas seem almost prescient, yet breathtaking in their passionate underlying belief in the... Les mer
Streetcorners collects, for the first time in English, a number of Francis Carco’s renowned prose poems, works which defined the Paris scenes of... Les mer
Book translation winner of the PEN Award for Poetry in Translation The last volume of poems connected with what Paul Celan described as “die... Les mer
The Church: A Comedy in Five Acts
The Church, one of Céline's few dramatic works, was written in 1933, just one year after his great masterpiece Voyage au bout de la nuit (Journey to... Les mer
Room of Rumor: Tunings
Room of Rumor: Tunings is based in part on texts Austrian poet Oswald Egger wrote while a fellow at the Villa Aurora in Los Angeles. The original,... Les mer
Representing Absence
In Representing Absence, Deborah Meadows draws on a practice of poetry composition as palimpsest: writing on top, or through, other writing, she... Les mer
First Words
First Words was begun in 1995 as an exercise in which Messerli embedded the first word to two of poetry by other poets, but the series gradually... Les mer
Six Early Stories
Author winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature When they think of the stories of the great German, Nobel prize-winning author Thomas Mann, most... Les mer
Book translation winner of the PEN/Book-of-the-Month Club Translation Prize Best known in the United States as the mastermind of the Surrealist... Les mer