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The Great American Novel
First published in 1923 in Paris in an edition of three hundred copies, this satiric novel by the great American poet is "a satire on the novel... Les mer
Heart of Darkness
On the occasion of the centennial year of its original publication (1902), Green Integer presents this great turn-of-the century tale of white... Les mer
The Cursed Poets
Assembled from articles published in French journals, the full version of The Cursed Poets (Les Poètes maudits) was first published in 1888.... Les mer
L.A. Trip: A Novel in Verse
This "novel in verse" tells of an Old World man’s tribulations in the New World and revives as well a tradition somewhat lost from sight... Les mer
Cosmic Cow
On the surface, Cosmic Cow is the story of Sam and his journey taken under the directions of his then 15-year-old wife, Judy. His journey to Tierra... Les mer
Amour Amour
In this book of twenty-four stories, or "personal mythologies," Greek novelist and poet Andreas Embiricos combines history, myth, poetry,... Les mer
Island of the Dead
The various characters who inhabit Paris's Jardin des Plantes share their researches and knowledge with one another, just as they share petty... Les mer
Gradiva and Delusion and Dream in Wilhelm Jensen’s Gradiva
Here together in one edition is the strange and evocative "Pompeiian Fancy" by German author Wilhelm Jensen and one of the major texts of... Les mer
At the Damascus Gate
"Elana Greenfield and the English language use each other beautifully," writes Grace Paley about this book. "She makes little plays,... Les mer
Letters to Unfinished J.
Winner of the 2001 Gertrude Stein Award, Letters to Unfinished J., selected by Dennis Phillips, reveals a fresh writing infused with a particularly... Les mer
The Peripheral Space of Photography
This profound, short essay by poet and translator Murat Nemet-Nejat explores whatseparatess photography from other artistic media. Nemet-Nejat argues... Les mer
The Hangman's Lament: Poems
This new collection of poetry by the great Danish poet Henrik Nordbrandt contains 52 poems selected from Norbrandt's several volumes published over... Les mer
The Pip Anthology of World Poetry of the 20th Century Volume 3 – Nothing the Sun Could Not Explain
For the third volume of the ongoing series of PIP anthologies of world poetry, the publisher decided to reissue the popular anthology of contemporary... Les mer
In this new collection, his ninth book of poetry, noted Los Angeles poet Dennis Phillips explores the temporal-an ever-shifting world in which... Les mer
O, How the Wheel Becomes It!
The great British writer's penultimate fiction returns us to the satiric wit of his early novels, Afternoon Men, What's Become of Waring and From a... Les mer
SOUND/ (system)
Written between June 1, 1991 and January 31, 1992 the poems of this volume employed the letters of Henry James as a source in order to explore the... Les mer
People on the Run
Winner in Italy of the prestigious Viareggio Prize, People on the Run (Gente di corsa) is a work that explores, through a presentarion of multiple... Les mer
The Sea Below My Window
A woman awakens in a strange room with the sea roaring below. She has no idea where she is, and, even worse, she has no idea who she is. As he slowly... Les mer
Defoe is an epic where images of battle become meditations, and epic wherein events flap in silence as the narrative moves toward a place where the... Les mer
Yang Lian stands with Bei Dao and others as one of the major living Chinese exiled poets. Indeed, he and Bei Dao both belonged to the group described... Les mer
Tender Buttons
This edition of the legendary classic of 20th century prose poetry is the second single-volume English-language edition since its original... Les mer
Three Lives
First published in 1909, the great American version of Flaubert's Trois Contes recounts the lives of three plain and humble women, two working as... Les mer
Los Angeles playwright Kelly Stuart's hilarious satire of the male dominated workplace is set in a baby formula company, where the men even determine... Les mer
Shir Hashirim
One of the great series of poems of all centuries, The Song of Songs, as the translator writes in his Introduction, has continued to be recognized as... Les mer