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The Resurrection of Lady Lester
The Resurrection of Lady Lester is, in part, a retelling of the life of Lester Young, the great jazz saxophonist of the late 1930s and early 1940s.... Les mer
On Overgrown Paths
On Overgrown Paths was written after World War II, at a time when Hamsun was in police custody for his openly expressed Nazi sympathies during the... Les mer
Theoretical Objects
In Theoretical Objects American poet Nick Piombino explores—through manifestos, talks, sayings, speeches, and autobiographical-like pieces—form... Les mer
Fugitive Suns: Selected Poetry
With over twenty-six books of poetry, ten novels, four collections of short stories, and various books of theater, film, essays, and children's... Les mer
This bilingual edition of Metropolis is one of the central works of the noted Italian experimentalist, Antonio Porta. Born in 1935, Porta reveals the... Les mer
This edition reintroduces Sappho to the modern reader, providing a vivid, contemporary translation, which captures the spareness and the intensity of... Les mer
Radio Dialogs 1
One of the great writers of German modernism, Arno Schmidt was born in 1914 in Hamburg. Beginning in 1949, Schmidt published a number of fictions... Les mer
Born in Denmark in 1805, Hans Christian Andersen grew up the son of an impoverished washerwoman and a cobbler father given to daydreaming. The child,... Les mer
In this great philosophical essay, Henri Bergson explores why people laugh and what laughter means. First translated into English in 1911, this... Les mer
Ballets Without Music, Without Dancers, Without Anything
Céline's fascination with the ballet spans his literary career: three of the pieces in this volume were written around the same time that he... Les mer
Hell Has No Limits
Author winner of the America Award for Literature With its stark atmosphere, powerful characterizations, and dazzling alterations of perspective in... Les mer
Manifestos Manifest
One of the great poets of the 20th Century, Vicente Huidobro was born in Chile in 1893. As a youth he traveled to Paris where he lived for many... Les mer
On Ibsen
From the time of his earliest writings and interest in theater Joyce aligned himself with the great Norwegian dramatist, Henrik Ibsen. In 1900 he... Les mer
Art Poetic’
This many-voiced, multi-perspective poetic text could be likened to the journal of a scientist recording observable phenomena, but yet resisting to... Les mer
In the Mirror of the Eighth King
In this new book of essays, the noted British poet and translator explores a world in which all things are marvelous—and slightly awry. A dwarf in... Les mer
An Interview
An Interview represents the last public appearance and some of the last living statements on his films of the great French film director, Jean... Les mer
The Effort to Fall
The Effort to Fall marks the debut work of Christopher Spranger. In this work, written in his early twenties, Spranger lets his imagination roam a... Les mer
Born in the Paris suburb of Asnières in 1939, Marcel Cohen lives in Paris where he makes his living, under a pseudonym, as a widely read journalist.... Les mer
Eureka, A Prose Poem
The last of his books published during Poe’s lifetime, Eureka, A Prose Poem is a strange book indeed, particularly within the context of Poe’s... Les mer
History or Messages from History
Written in 1930, History or Messages from History explores the meaning of history in opposition to what Stein scholar Donald Gallup has described as... Les mer
The Critic As Artist
The Critic As Artist is one of Oscar Wilde’s most well-known dialogues and, along with “The Decay of Lying,” his best expression of his... Les mer
Notes on the Cinematographer
Robert Bresson’s Notes on the Cinematographer are working memos which the great French director made for his own use. In all of them, Bresson... Les mer
Tent Posts
As if it were dictated, so to speak, from “the front lines,” Tent Posts is a book of theoretical urgency by the great Belgian writer. From the... Les mer
The Crystal Text
EA review by Bernadette Mayer summarizes Clark Coolidge’s ongoing poetic project: “In a world where people are perforce cut off from the mystical... Les mer