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Antigona Gonzalez
What is a body when it's lost? ANTIGONA GONZALEZ is the story of the search for a body, a specific body, one of the thousands of bodies lost in... Les mer
Trenchart Monographs
TrenchArt Monographs: hurry up please its time, is the newest anthology of essays. Experiments in language, the aesthetic essays in this anthology... Les mer
Proposed as a collection of imaginary logos for the corporate sponsors of Borges' Library of Babel, KERN balances on a precipice between the... Les mer
I’ll Drown My Book
Conceptual writing is emerging as a vital 21st century literary movement and I’ll Drown My Book represents the contributions of women in this... Les mer
Sonnet 56
Paul Hoover's SONNET 56 mixes Love, Poetry and Shakespeare in a marvelous grab bag of form, wit and playfulness. Starting with Shakespeare's... Les mer
God`s Livestock Policy
Poetry. Introduction by Michael Magee. GOD'S LIVESTOCK POLICY is Stan Apps's self-ordained "mini-Bible sort of a commentary on the real Bible."... Les mer
Delving into the fissures of language as an opportunity to create something new, Rosenfield appropriates texts from various fields of knowledge... Les mer