Debbie: An Epic

One of the more remarkable books of poetry to appear in a long time, Lisa Robertson's DEBBIE:AN EPIC was a finalist for the 1998 Governor General's Award for Poetry. As arresting as the cover image, Robertson's strong, confident voice echoes a wide range of influences from Virgil to Edith Sitwell, yet remains unique and utterly unmistakable for that of any other writer. Brainy, witty, sensual, demonstrating a commanding grasp of language and rhetoric, DEBBIE:AN EPIC is nevertheless inviting and easy to read, even fun. Its eponymous heroine will annihilate your preconceptions about poetry - and about the name "Debbie."

Lisa Robertson's books of poetry include NILLING: PROSE, XECLOGUE, DEBBIE: AN EPIC (nominated for the Governor General's Award for Poetry in 1998), THE WEATHER (winner of the Relit Award for Poetry in 2002), THE MEN and LISA ROBERTSON'S MAGENTA SOUL WHIP. University of California Press published Rousseau's Boat in Spring 2010. Lisa Robertson lives in the Vienne region of France. Her most recent book is the poetry collection CINEMA OF THE PRESENT, from Coach House Books.

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