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Isobel and Emile
This is the story of Isobel and Emile. They wake up beside each other one morning, and they slowly get out of bed. It is the last time that they will... Les mer
Renaissance Drama 39
Renaissance Drama, an annual and interdisciplinary publication, is devoted to drama and performance as a central feature of Renaissance culture. The... Les mer
The Saving Lie
Harold Bloom is our greatest living literary critic. His wide-ranging critical writings have plumbed the depths of Romanticism (The Visionary... Les mer
Watergate’s Legacy and the Press
Did two reporters really change the course of history? And what impact did they actually have on American journalism and government? Jon Marshall... Les mer
The Supreme Court and the Press
Although theirs has been a contentious relationship, Joe Mathewson shows that, since the framing of the Constitution, the Supreme Court has needed... Les mer
Politics, Religion, and Art
The period from 1780 to 1850 witnessed an unprecedented explosion of philosophical creativity in the German territories. In the thinking of Kant,... Les mer
Consequences of Hermeneutics
The publication of Hans-Georg Gadamer’s magnum opus Truth and Method in 1960 marked the arrival of philosophical hermeneutics as a dominant force... Les mer
Stalin’s Romeo Spy
Sailor, painter, doctor, lawyer, polyglot, and writer, Dmitri Bystrolyotov (1901–75) led a life that might seem far-fetched for a spy novel, yet... Les mer
Let Freedom Swing
A swing note is, to the listener of the rhythm, an unexpected note, and it is the spark of life in jazz and its relatives. Whether playing the... Les mer
Traveling on One Leg
Irene is a fragile woman born to a German family in Romania, who has recently emigrated from her native country to West Germany. Politically and... Les mer
Free for All: The Internet
In Free for All, longtime scholar of digital media Elliot King begins with a brief history of the technological development of news media from the... Les mer
Life and Acting
Arriving in America as a teenage Holocaust refugee, Jack Garfein would soon rise to the top of his field. Life and Acting is the product of more than... Les mer
Dawn Clark Netsch - A Political Life
Illinois Democratic politics has recently produced the most skilled and inspirational politician in memory . . . and has also reminded us of the need... Les mer
Ghosts of Chicago: Stories
Chicago is famously a "city of neighborhoods" that somehow balances metropolitan and parochial life. In the seventeen vividly rendered... Les mer
Renaissance Drama 36/37
Renaissance Drama, an annual interdisciplinary publication, is devoted to drama and performance as a central feature of Renaissance culture. The... Les mer
The Universal Jew
The Universal Jew analyzes literary images of the Jewish nation and the Jewish national subject at Zionism’s formative moment. In a series of... Les mer
The Roots of Things - Essays
Throughout her career, Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Maxine Kumin has been at the vanguard of discussions about feminism and sexism, the state of... Les mer
Vita Nuova - A Novel
Vita Nuova is the second in a trilogy of memoirs written from the perspective of Bohumil Hrabal’s wife, Elis.ka, about their life in Prague from... Les mer
Voices from the Gulag
After the publication in 1962 of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn began receiving, and would continue to receive... Les mer
The Mercy of Eternity
In his best-selling book Against Happiness: In Praise of Melancholy, Eric G. Wilson challenged our culture’s blindly insistent pursuit of happiness... Les mer
Dollhouse: A Play
Nora seems to have it all: a successful husband, three adorable children, and a beautiful home in the tony Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. But... Les mer
How to Write
The modernist Ezra Pound asserted that poets should “make it new,” and of course by “it” he meant “the literary tradition.” The assertion... Les mer
Dostoevsky’s Dialectics and the Problem of Sin
In Dostoevsky’s Dialectics and the Problem of Sin, Ksana Blank borrows from ancient Greek, Chinese, and Christian dialectical traditions to... Les mer