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Casting a Shadow
Alfred Hitchcock is often held up as the prime example of the one-man filmmaker, conceiving and controlling all aspects of his films'... Les mer
brütt, or The Sighing Gardens
brütt, or The Sighing Gardens is the hallucinatory tale of an obsessive writer's love affair late in life as told through the daily journal entries... Les mer
The First Person Singular
Alphonso Lingis's singular works of philosophy are not so much written as performed, and in The First Person Singular the performance is... Les mer
Shakespeare and the Nature of Love
The best conception of love, Marcus Nordlund contends, and hence the best framework for its literary analysis, must be a fusion of evolutionary,... Les mer
Global Corporate Citizenship
Global Corporate Citizenship looks at issues of corporate responsibility globally, not just at multinational corporations operating worldwide, but at... Les mer
7 Wonders of Chicago
Chicago is filled with architectural wonders from the world famous to the surprising hidden treasures waiting to be discovered! Join WTTW11's... Les mer
Philosophy in Dialogue
Traditional Plato scholarship, in the English-speaking world, has assumed that Platonic dialogues are merely collections of arguments. Inevitably,... Les mer
The Sylph
This ranging epistolary novel follows Julia Grenville, a Welsh beauty who knows little of the world until her marriage to the older Lord Stanley.... Les mer
New Short Fiction from Cuba
With the disintegration of the Soviet bloc, the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Cuba's political future, the onslaught of tourists, and the... Les mer
A Thing of This World
At a time when the analytic/continental split dominates contemporary philosophy, this ambitious work offers a careful and clear-minded way to bridge... Les mer
Comic Mask in the Commedia dell
Nobody says Shakespeare is dead, Antonio Fava tells us, but Commedia, they say, is dead. Why? Because clearly, he goes on, we have Shakespeare's... Les mer
Guy Davenport - Postmodernism and After
Guy Davenport (1927-2005), an American writer of fiction, poetry, criticism, and essays, a translator, painter, intellectual, and teacher, brought a... Les mer
About Chekhov: The Unfinished Symphony
Seven years after the death of Anton Chekhov, his sister, Maria, wrote to a friend, "You asked for someone who could write a biography of my... Les mer
Postal Indiscretions
In a brief life deeply and traumatically disrupted by two years in concentration camps as a political prisoner, Tadeusz Borowski (1922-1951) was... Les mer
Heather Raffo
This new edition of Nine Parts of Desire includes a CD that is an elegantly enhanced audio version of the play with the full text performed by... Les mer
Conversation with Spinoza
Prizing ideas above all else, radical thinker Baruch Spinoza left little behind in the way of personal facts and furnishings. But what of the tug of... Les mer
Lessons and Legacies VII
As the discipline of Holocaust studies matures, new questions and themes come to the fore. Among these are critical issues that receive serious... Les mer
Current Continental Theory and Modern Philosophy
For decades Continental theorists from Derrida to Deleuze have engaged in provocative, penetrating, and often extensive examinations of modern... Les mer
Odyssey, The - A Play
This dramatic adaptation of Homer's myth begins with a modern young woman who is struggling to understand Robert Fitzgerald's translation of... Les mer
The Day I Wasn’t There
In this memoir-novel, a narrator who resembles Helene Cixous obsessively recounts an incident--the premature death of her first-born child, a Down's... Les mer
The Idea of a Free Press
With the introduction of the printing press in England in 1476, a struggle over its control--and its potential for interrupting power--was joined.... Les mer
Literature and Human Equality
When Achilles dons his armor, gods and readers alike know the outcome, as does the hero himself. But when the commoner becomes the hero, when, as Dr.... Les mer
Testimony after Catastrophe
Survivors of political violence give testimonies in families and communities, trials and truth commissions, religious institutions, psychotherapies,... Les mer
The Painter’s Wife
Evelyn Rowat is an extraordinary product of a childhood tyrannized by her emotionally frigid and abusive mother whose life centers on her weekly... Les mer