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Plot of Her Own, A
A Plot of Her Own presents compelling new readings of major texts in the Russian literary canon, all of which are readily available in translation.... Les mer
Bakhtin in Contexts
The Russian critic M. M. Bakhtin has recently become a major figure in contemporary theory beyond his traditional influence in Slavic literary... Les mer
Alain Robbe-Grillet has long been regarded as the chief spokesman for the controversial nouveau roman. This collection of brilliant short pieces... Les mer
Balkan Blues: Writing Out of Yugoslavia
This collection first appeared as a special issue of Storm, the British literary journal of new eastern European writing. Joanna Labon has selected... Les mer
Ballad of Descent
Martin and Tomas leave Prague on Christmas Day for "that other country." Although their destination is the mountains, their departure has... Les mer
Postphenomenology is a fascinating investigation of the relationships between global culture and technology. The impressive range of subjects to... Les mer
Pretender to the Throne
This hilarious novel following the continuing adventures of Ivan Chonkin, a simple peasant who has been arrested as a traitor after spending World... Les mer
The Stories of Heinrich Boll
This volume collects sixty-three short stories and novellas written by Heinrich BÖll between 1947 and 1985. In brings together selections from... Les mer
The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin
Ivan Chonkin is a simple, bumbling peasant who has been drafted into the Red Army. Shortly before the outbreak of World War II, he is sent to an... Les mer
The Book of Hrabal
Named a New York Times Notable Book of 1994 An elaborate, elegant homage to the great Czech storyteller Bohumil Hrabal (author of Closely Watched... Les mer
Booker Winners and Others-II (Vol.10 of the GLAS Series)
True to our commitment to acquaint publishers and readers with the winners of the Booker Russian Novel Prize, we offer excerpts from the short-listed... Les mer
Mayakovsky: Plays
One of Russia's greatest poets, Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893-1930) was a Futurist, early Bolshevik, and champion of the avant-garde. Despite his... Les mer
A Scrap of Time and Other Stories
Named a New York Times Notable Book Winner of the PEN/Book-of-the-Month Club Translation Prize Winner of the Anne Frank Prize These... Les mer
Farewell to Matyora
A fine example of Village Prose from the post-Stalin era, Farewell to Matyora decries the loss of the Russian peasant culture to the impersonal,... Les mer
Self, Person, World
Self, Person, World presents a synoptic survey of human life in its personal, social, and mythic dimensions, drawing on sources such as Freud, Weber,... Les mer
Children of the Holocaust
Children of the Holocaust is a landmark of Holocaust literature and among the finest works produced since World War II. These profoundly moving... Les mer
Pierre, or The Ambiguities: Volume Seven
Initially dismissed as "a dead failure" and "a bad book," and declined by Melville's British publisher, Pierre has since... Les mer
A Plot of Her Own
A Plot of Her Own presents compelling new readings of major texts in the Russian literary canon, all of which are readily available in translation.... Les mer
Civil Juries and the Politics of Reform
Stephen Daniels and Joanne Martin have analyzed patterns in jury verdicts in a number of substantive legal areas, including medical malpractice,... Les mer
Absent without Leave
In these two novellas, Nobel laureate Heinrich BÖll uses strikingly different narrative techniques to portray World War II's impact on the... Les mer
Tolstoy: Plays V1 - Volume I: 1856-1886
Although Tolstoy's fame rests on his novels, he was also a prolific dramatist; yet this part of his oeuvre has been consistently neglected by... Les mer
The Foundation Pit
Once known only to a small circle of admirers in Russia and the West, Andrey Platonov (1899-1951) has emerged to assume his rightful place as one of... Les mer
The Train Was on Time
Published in 1949, The Train was on Time was Heinrich BÖll's first novel. Private Andreas, twenty-four, boards a troop train to return to his... Les mer