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Redburn is a fictional narrative of a boy's first voyage, based loosely on Melville's own first voyage to and from Liverpool in 1839. Hastily... Les mer
The Visible and the Invisible
The Visible and the Invisible contains the unfinished manuscript and working notes of the book Merleau-Ponty was writing when he died. The text is... Les mer
In the philosophy of Paul Ricoeur, phenomenology and existentialism come of age. As part of the discipline that led to his mastery of... Les mer
Phenomenology of the Social World
In this book, his major work, Alfred Schutz attempts to provide a sound philosophical basis for the sociological theories of Max Weber. Using a... Les mer
The Primacy of Perception
The Primacy of Perception brings together a number of important studies by Maurice Merleau-Ponty that appeared in various publications from 1947 to... Les mer
"Speech is a way of tearing out a meaning from an undivided whole." Thus does Maurice Merleau-Ponty describe speech in this collection... Les mer
Lessons and Legacies Volume IX
Memory, History, and Responsibility: Reassessments of the Holocaust, Implications for the Future contains the highlights from the ninth "Lessons... Les mer
Race Course: Against White Supremacy
White supremacy and its troubling endurance in American life is debated in these personal essays by two veteran political activists. Arguing that... Les mer
Imaging by Numbers
The exhibition of Imaging by Numbers, curated by the Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University, explores the development of computer programming... Les mer
Isolated - Two Plays
Isolated collects two plays by an original dramatic voice. In Recovery, people around the world are addicted to a mysterious substance. Large... Les mer
Zigzagger - Stories
Set mainly in California's Central Valley, Manuel MuÑoz's first collection of stories goes beyond the traditional family myths and... Les mer
Improvisation for the Theater 3E
Here is the thoroughly revised third edition of the bible of improvisational theater. Viola Spolin's improvisational techniques changed the... Les mer
The New Romantic (Vol.31 of the GLAS Series)
Selin belongs to that rare type of writer who tells a story not straightforwardly but through a series of carefully chosen and cleverly arranged... Les mer
Beyond the Looking-Glas
As Russian society passes through a stage of wrenching transformation, the vision of its writers has veered towards the absurd. Even those who work... Les mer
Re Verse - Essays on Poetry and Poets
David R. Slavitt will tell you that he does not believe in literary criticism so much as in "remarks," which are more portable and, often,... Les mer
The Berlin Blues
A consortium of German developers shows up on the fictional Otter Lake Reserve with a seemingly irresistible offer to improve the local economy: the... Les mer
Building the West
Printed in two colors throughout and richly illustrated with more than six hundred photographs and duotones of these architects' most important... Les mer