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Singular Examples
This book focuses on the integral, interdisciplinary, and intermedial "compositions"—verbal, visual, musical, theatrical, and... Les mer
The Southern Press
The Southern Press suggests that the South’s journalism struck a literary pose closer to the older English press than to the democratic penny press... Les mer
Four Places - A Play
Sketched together on a deceptively simple frame, this emotionally precise play uses its spare structure to devastating and darkly comic effect. A... Les mer
The Prophecy and Other Stories
These newly collected short stories reveal a master at the top of his game. Drago Jancar possesses an acute understanding of the human psyche,... Les mer
Beyond Burnham
Beyond Burnham provides a fascinating account of a century of visionary planning for metropolitan Chicago. From Daniel Burnham and Edward Bennett’s... Les mer
The New Century: Poems
Since the publication of her first book in 1967, Ewa Lipska has been among the most acclaimed of contemporary Polish poets. Yet, to date she has not... Les mer
Eugene Jolas
Dividing his youth between the United States and the bilingual Alsace-Lorraine, Eugene Jolas (1894-1952) flourished in three languages. As an editor... Les mer
The first in a projected trilogy of novels, Nieve is the long-awaited new work for young adults by the award-winning author of the Cat’s Eye Corner... Les mer
Night Roads: A Novel
Drawing together episodes of rich atmosphere, this novel is as deep and brooding as the Paris nights that serve as its backdrop. Russian writer Gaito... Les mer
Black Enough/White Enough
“Barack is caught between two worlds and struggles for acceptance by either side–Black enough? White enough? It’s a fine line that he must... Les mer
Black Mountain
With faculty and alumni that included John Cage, Robert Creeley, Merce Cunningham, Buckminster Fuller, Charles Olson, Josef and Anni Albers, Paul... Les mer
The Notion of the A Priori
Originally published in 1966, this pivotal work of Mikel Dufrenne revises Kant’s notion of a priori, a concept previously given insufficient... Les mer
A Tempered Wind - An Autobiography
Poet Karen Gershon (1923–1993) opens A Tempered Wind, the sequel to volume 1 of her autobiography A Lesser Child, in 1943. It begins tragically... Les mer
The Retrieval of the Beautiful
In this elegant new study Galen Johnson retrieves the concept of the beautiful through the framework of Merleau-Ponty’s aesthetics. Although... Les mer
Love/Stories (or, but you will get used to it)
A casting session for a play about a love affair goes awry. A talk-back with a theater audience becomes the occasion for a life-altering choice. A... Les mer
The & Now Awards
This inaugural volume of The &Now Awards recognizes the most provocative, hardest-hitting, deadly serious, patently absurd, cutting-edge,... Les mer
Loving Repeating
Frank Galati's dramatic adaptation of Gertrude Stein's texts begins with Stein at age 60 as she is lecturing at the University of Chicago in... Les mer
The Book of Samuel
Crisis, breakdown, rejuvenation: this is the territory of poetry that Rudman takes readers into with this set of essays. Constructed as a series of... Les mer
Selected Lyric Poetry
It is most fitting that Northwestern University Press, long a leading publisher of Russian literature in translation, launches the Northwestern World... Les mer
The Journals: Volume 1: 1949-1965
John Fowles gained international recognition in 1963 with his first published novel, The Collector, but his labor on what may be his greatest... Les mer
Merleau-Ponty’s Philosophy of Nature
In our time, Ted Toadvine observes, the philosophical question of nature is almost entirely forgotten—obscured in part by a myopic focus on solving... Les mer
Paul Bowles: A Life
Paul Bowles, best known for his classic 1949 novel, The Sheltering Sky, is one of the most compelling yet elusive figures of twentieth-century... Les mer
Petersburg: The Physiology of a City
This landmark collection of short works forms a vivid documentary of life in midnineteenth-century St. Petersburg. Editor Nikolai Nekrasov was the... Les mer
0°, 0° - Poems
0° , 0° is where the equator and prime meridian cross, but it is also, in Amit Majmudar’s poetic cartography, "the one True Cross, the... Les mer