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Chance and Circumstance
Carolyn Brown, one of the most renowned dancers of the last half-century, lived at the center of New York's bold and vibrant artistic community,... Les mer
A Force for Change
The Julius Rosenwald Fund has been largely ignored in the literature of both art history and African American studies, despite its unique focus,... Les mer
The Grain of the Voice
This book brings together the great majority of Barthes’s interviews that originally appeared in French in Le Figaro Littéraire, Cahiers du... Les mer
The Night of the Hunter
Reaching simultaneously into the realms of film and literature, this detailed exploration of The Night of the Hunter examines the genesis and the... Les mer
The Ninth - A Novel
Set in a sleepy village north of Budapest in 1968, this touching, unsettling novel paints a richly wrought portrait of mid-twentieth-century Hungary.... Les mer
No Love Without Poetry
The memoirs of Ariadna Efron have informed all important studies of Marina Tsvetaeva’s writing and are indispensable to a complete understanding of... Les mer
Singular Examples
This book focuses on the integral, interdisciplinary, and intermedial "compositions"—verbal, visual, musical, theatrical, and... Les mer
City Dog: Essays
When a self-proclaimed "lazy scholar" embarks on a trip through his life's influences--as diverse as girl-group doo-wop, Yeats, and Van... Les mer
Hegel on Hamann
In 1828, G. W. F. Hegel published a critical review of Johann George Hamann, a retrospective of the life and works of one of Germany's most... Les mer
The Conservative Resurgence and the Press
Consumers of American media find themselves in a news world that has shifted toward more conservative reporting. This book takes a measured,... Les mer
Toronto, Mississippi
Jhana is a beautiful, mentally handicapped eighteen-year-old who lives with her mother, Maddie, and their boarder, Bill, a poet. Jhana's father,... Les mer
Contemporary Russian Fiction (Vol.46 of the GLAS Series)
The living voices of eleven leading Russian authors: Boris Akunin, Evgeny Grishkovets, Eduard Limonov, Yuri Mamleev, Viktor Pelevin, Ludmila... Les mer
High Road to China, The
Touching, humorous, and illuminating, this travelogue takes readers back in time to a remarkable, world-shaping moment. With rich language and the... Les mer
Fort Dearborn: A Novel
In a story that brings to life the founding of one of the world's great cities, Fort Dearborn takes us back to Chicago's early struggle of... Les mer
Lessons and Legacies VIII
Primo Levi opened his memoir Survival in Auschwitz with a call to remember, reflect upon, and teach about the Holocaust—or to face the rejection of... Les mer
After Jena: New Essays on Fichte
The career of J. G. Fichte, a central figure in German idealism and in the history of philosophy, divides into two distinct phases: the first period,... Les mer
Stick Fly - A Play
Adept at capturing the experience of the upper-middle-class African-American, Diamond lays out two families' worth of secrets in this precise... Les mer
The History of Philosophy - A Reader
With the aim of guiding readers along, in Hegel's words, "the long process of education towards genuine philosophy," this introduction... Les mer
Lightning from the Depths
If a people Have no poets And no poetry of their own For a National Anthology Then treachery and barking Will do the... Les mer
Straddling Worlds
Author Steven J. Harper pays tribute to a well-respected teacher with this biography of a distinguished William Smith Mason Professor of History at... Les mer
Fuchsia in Cambodia: Poems
Suffused with tenderness and humor, the poems in this new collection take readers on a journey through emotions, across national boundaries, and even... Les mer
Deering Library - An Illustrated History
Published to commemorate the Deering Library's 75th anniversary, this book explores the Deering and McCormick families, who funded the project;... Les mer
Design in the Age of Darwin
Charles Darwin's monumental On the Origin of Species, published in 1859, forever changed the landscape of natural science. The scientific world... Les mer