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The Scarlet Ibis
In The Scarlet Ibis, Susan Hahn has created an intricately structured sequence of interlinked poems centered around the single compelling image of... Les mer
Melville: The Making of the Poet
"Who would have looked for philosophy in whales, or for poetry in blubber?" the London John Bull remarked in October of 1851. And yet, the... Les mer
The Merleau-Ponty Reader
The first reader to offer a comprehensive view of Maurice Merleau-Ponty's (1908-1961) work, this selection collects in one volume the... Les mer
Shakespeare and the Nature of Love
The best conception of love, Marcus Nordlund contends, and hence the best framework for its literary analysis, must be a fusion of evolutionary,... Les mer
Journalism and Truth
The complaint is all too common: I know something about that, and the news got it wrong. Why this should be, and what it says about the relationship... Les mer
Monstrous Martyrdoms: Three Plays
"The road will be red with monstrous martyrdoms, but we shall win." Oscar Wilde wrote these words at the end of the nineteenth century... Les mer
Eight Plays: Performace Texts
The plays of Arthur Schnitzler have in recent years come to be recognized as masterpieces of modernism. This collection presents the most accurate... Les mer
The Yellow Journalism
When a case containing dismembered human remains surfaced in New York's East River in June of 1897, the publisher of the New York Journal--a... Les mer
Finished from the Start and Other Plays
This collection of plays comes from one of Chile's finest voices of the voiceless: Juan Radrigán. A history marked by personal and political... Les mer
The First Person Singular
Alphonso Lingis's singular works of philosophy are not so much written as performed, and in The First Person Singular the performance is... Les mer
Foucault’s Askesis
In his renowned courses at the CollÈge de France from 1982 to 1984, Michel Foucault devoted his lectures to meticulous readings and interpretations... Les mer
In-House Weddings
Inspired by "Mrs. Tolstoy and Mrs. Dostoevsky, whose biographies about their husbands have now been published in Prague," Bohumil Hrabal... Les mer
Process - An Improviser
Author, teacher, and improviser Michael Gellman was given a mission by Del Close himself: "[T]o create improvised one-act plays of literary... Les mer
Esther Regina: A Bakhtinian Reading
Readers and scholars often question the inclusion of the Book of Esther in the canon. Where, they wonder, do the book's flagrant displays of... Les mer
King of Odessa - A Novel of Isaac Babel
Famed writer Isaac Babel returned to his colorful hometown of Odessa in the summer of 1936, pining for a daughter living abroad and hoping to pen one... Les mer
Contemporary Poetics
Exploring the boundaries of one of the most contested fields of literary study--a field that in fact shares territory with philology, aesthetics,... Les mer
The Last Journey of Ago Ymeri
In a remote Albanian village, a place of banishment, a stranger appears, claiming to be Viktor Dragoti and looking for his long-lost love. That... Les mer
Bernardo and the Virgin - A Novel
In 1980, with the Sandinistas newly in power, tailor and pig farmer Bernardo Martinez witnesses an extraordinary thing: an otherworldly glow about... Les mer
Best Black Plays
Within the relatively recent development of a tradition of African American playwriting, the Theodore Ward Prize has, over its twenty-year history,... Les mer
Of Death and Dominion
Death is the opposite not of life, but of power. And as such, Mohammed Bamyeh argues in this original work, death has had a great and largely... Les mer
A Luis Leal Reader
An overview of the work of the internationally renowned doyen of Mexican, Chicano, and Latin American literature and culture Since his first... Les mer
The Russian Memoir
Throughout the development of modern Russian society, the memoir, with its dual agendas of individualized expression and reliable reportage, has... Les mer
The One-Handed Pianist and Other Stories
The One-Handed Pianist was published to acclaim in the early 1990's, with the two-part Spanish edition winning the Latino Literature Prize in... Les mer
The Scarlet Ibis - Poems
In The Scarlet Ibis, Susan Hahn has created an intricately structured sequence of interlinked poems centered around the single compelling image of... Les mer