L’art poétic’

This many-voiced, multi-perspective poetic text could be likened to the journal of a scientist recording observable phenomena, but yet resisting to make any conclusions of the truth of what is perceived, since language inherently shifts, moves, and falls into silence. The questions this study of the poetic art asks—Do the birds enjoy the snow as much as boys do? Where is Margaret?—are as unanswerable as its statements are uninformative. Truth in this poetics—where a walk is connected with "covering ground," the idea of "covering ground" with respiration—is poetic truth, the truth of the lapse in meaning we all make in our way of perceiving the world through language.

Olivier Cadiot lives in Paris, where he has edited, with Pierre Alferi, Revue de littérature générale. His own books include Futur, ancien, fugitif (1993) and Le Colonel des Zouaves (1997), among other works.

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    Olivier Cadiot: L’art poétic’
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