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The Essential Ginsberg
Visionary poet Allen Ginsberg was one of the most influential cultural and literary figures of the 20th century, his face and political causes... Les mer
The Sense of Style
Steven Pinker, the bestselling author of The Language Instinct, deploys his gift for explaining big ideas in The Sense of Style - an entertaining... Les mer
How the Mind Works
Why do we laugh? What makes memories fade? Why do people believe in ghosts? How the Mind Works explores every aspect of mental life, showing that our... Les mer
The Language Instinct
'Dazzling... Pinker's big idea is that language is an instinct...as innate to us as flying is to geese... Words can hardly do justice to the... Les mer
Sindbad the Sailor
'The valley was full of snakes and serpents as big as palm trees, so huge that they could have swallowed any elephant that met them.'A selection of... Les mer
Anthem For Doomed Youth
'Tonight he noticed how the women's eyesPassed from him to the strong men that were whole.'The true horror of the trenches is brought to life in this... Les mer
A Simple Heart
'She decided she would teach him to speak and he was very soon able to say, 'Pretty boy!', 'Your servant, sir!' and 'Hail Mary!''With pathos and... Les mer
Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime
'He was not blind to the fact that murder, like the religions of the Pagan world, requires a victim as well as a priest...'Wilde's supremely witty... Les mer
The Voyage of Sir Francis Drake Around the Whole Globe
'Their fruits be diverse and plentiful, as nutmegs, ginger, long pepper, lemons, cucumbers, cocos, sago, with divers other sorts...'Scholar, spy,... Les mer
The Figure in the Carpet
'Did she know and if she knew would she speak?' The story of an unsolved literary mystery that explores what James referred to as "troubled artistic... Les mer
The Steel Flea
'He gave orders that they were not to get any hot glum pudding in flames, for fear the spirits in their innards might catch fire' The Steel Flea... Les mer
The Life of a Stupid Man
'What is the life of a human being - a drop of dew, a flash of lightning? This is so sad, so sad.' Autobiographical stories from one of Japan's... Les mer
Femme Fatale
A selection of Maupassant's brilliant, glittering stories set in the Parisian beau monde and Normandy countryside. Introducing Little Black Classics:... Les mer
A Slip Under the Microscope
'I will go in, out of this dust and heat, out of this dry glitter of vanity, out of these toilsome futilities. I will go and never return.' Three... Les mer
Kasyan from the Beautiful Lands
"No, no, I've got your word for it, I've got to die ...you promised me ...you told me ..." Turgenev's accounts of hunting in rural Russia, and the... Les mer
The Robber Bridegroom
'Then she began to run, and she ran over the sharp stones and through the thorns, and the wild animals bounded past her ...' Four weird, dark and... Les mer
Il Duro
'But I ran up the broken stairway, and came out suddenly, as if by a miracle, clean on the platform of my San Tommaso, in the tremendous sunshine.'... Les mer
The Reckoning
'If marriage was the slow life-long acquittal of a debt contracted in ignorance, then marriage was a crime against human nature.' Two moving stories... Les mer
'You shall have thousands of gold pieces; - thousands of thousands - millions - mountains of gold: where will you keep them?'Two of Ruskin's most... Les mer
Leonardo Da Vinci
'In this painting of Leonardo's there was a smile so pleasing that it seemed divine rather than human.' Often called "the first art historian",... Les mer
Circe and the Cyclops
'You must be Odysseus, man of twists and turns...'The tales of Odysseus's struggle with a man-eating Cyclops and Circe, the beautiful enchantress who... Les mer
Is it me you love, friend? or the race that made me? A gothic novella about love, torment and doomed aristocracy, set in the remote mountains of... Les mer
The Nose
'Strangely enough, I mistook it for a gentleman at first. Fortunately I had my spectacles with me so I could see it was really a nose.' With this... Les mer
Miss Brill
'And again, as always, he had the feeling he was holding something that never was quite his - his. Something too delicate, too precious, that would... Les mer