Peter Humfrey's engaging monograph offers an accessible, informative overview of the life and works of Titian (Tiziano Vecellio, c.1488/90-1576), one of the most remarkable painters of the Italian Renaissance. This comprehensive survey places Titian's career and works into the social and historical context of sixteenth-century Italy, offering detailed discussions of individual paintings and artistic techniques. These discussions invite the reader to engage fully with Titian's works, which are renowned for their extraordinary use of color.

Titian explores the artist's approaches to mythological and religious subjects, as well as his success as a landscape and portrait painter. It also examines how the diverse demands of his illustrious patrons influenced his artistic output. Careful attention is paid to the reproduction of images - this ensures that their glorious colors are presented in their true intensity.

This new look at Titian combines Peter Humfrey's scholarly yet accessible text with 200 beautiful reproductions of Titian's works, from oil paintings and frescoes to preparatory drawings. The book is a perfect introduction to the work of this original and influential Renaissance artist.
    Peter Humfrey: Titan
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