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A panoramic history of rules in the Western world Rules order almost every aspect of our lives. They set our work hours, dictate how we drive and... Les mer
Classical Probability in the Enlightenment, New Edition
An award-winning history of the Enlightenment quest to devise a mathematical model of rationality What did it mean to be reasonable in the Age of... Les mer
An authoritative and comprehensive intellectual biography of the author of the Divine Comedy For all that has been written about the author... Les mer
A History of Art History
An authoritative history of art history from its medieval origins to its modern predicaments In this wide-ranging and authoritative book, the... Les mer
From Caligari to Hitler
An essential work of the cinematic history of the Weimar Republic by a leading figure of film criticismFirst published in 1947, From Caligari to... Les mer
On Whitman
      In this book, Pulitzer Prize–winning poet C. K. Williams sets aside the mass of biography and literary... Les mer
On Sacrifice
The idea and practice of sacrifice play a profound role in religion, ethics, and politics. In this brief book, philosopher Moshe Halbertal explores... Les mer
Climate Shock
If you had a 10 percent chance of having a fatal car accident, you'd take necessary precautions. If your finances had a 10 percent chance of... Les mer
Green: The History of a Color
In this beautiful and richly illustrated book, the acclaimed author of Blue and Black presents a fascinating and revealing history of the color green... Les mer
Zombie Economics
In the graveyard of economic ideology, dead ideas still stalk the land. The recent financial crisis laid bare many of the assumptions behind market... Les mer
The Age of Anxiety: A Baroque Eclogue
When it was first published in 1947, The Age of Anxiety--W. H. Auden's last, longest, and most ambitious book-length poem--immediately struck a... Les mer
Why Not Kill Them All? The Logic and Prevention of Mass Political Murder
Genocide, mass murder, massacres. The words themselves are chilling, evoking images of the slaughter of countless innocents. What dark impulses lurk... Les mer
Northern Arts
Northern Arts is a magnificent and provocative exploration of Scandinavian literature and art. With intellectual power and deep emotional insights,... Les mer
Black: The History of a Color
Black--favorite color of priests and penitents, artists and ascetics, fashion designers and fascists--has always stood for powerfully opposed ideas:... Les mer
Economy of the Unlost
The ancient Greek lyric poet Simonides of Keos was the first poet in the Western tradition to take money for poetic composition. From this starting... Les mer