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README.txt: A Memoir
An extraordinarily brave and moving memoir from one of the world's most famous whistle-blowers, activists and trans women. In 2010 Chelsea... Les mer
How to be Famous
Life is always better backstage, isn't it? 'Who better than Caitlin Moran to bring fame down to earth with a bump' - Helen Fielding, bestselling... Les mer
Two explorers set out on a journey from which only one of them will return. Their unknown land is that often fearsome continent we call the 20th... Les mer
After crossing oceans, a man and a boy arrive in a new land. Here they are each assigned a name and an age, and held in a camp in the desert while... Les mer
Etgar Keret is an ingenious and original master of the short story. Radical, witty and always unusual, declared a 'genius' by the "New... Les mer
Luka and the fire of life
On a beautiful starry night in the city of Kahani in the land of Alifbay a terrible thing happened: twelve-year-old Luka's storyteller father,... Les mer
Imperial Bedrooms
Twenty-five years have passed since the events of "Less Than Zero." Clay Easton, now a successful screenwriter, returns to L.A. where he's... Les mer
George is fascinated by World War Two. But he discovers the reality is very different from how he had imagined it when a school trip to a World War... Les mer
The Young Che: Memories of Che Guevara
An intimate and endearing portrait of the early life of one of the last century’s most important political revolutionaries. The international... Les mer
The conventional history of nations, even continents, is a history of warfare. But there have always been a few who have refused to fight. This book... Les mer
The Audacity of Hope
A government that truly represents these Americans-that truly serves these Americans-will require a different kind of politics. That politics will... Les mer
Shalimar the clown
Los Angeles, 1991. Ambassador Maximilian Ophuls, one of the makers of the modern world, is murdered in broad daylight on his illegitimate da ughter... Les mer
On the History of Destruction
Most writers, even good ones, write of what can be written. . . . The very greatest write of what cannot be written. . . . I think of Akhmatova and... Les mer
The Second Sex
Newly translated and unabridged in English for the first time, Simone de Beauvoir's masterwork is a powerful analysis of the Western notion of... Les mer
The Master and Margarita
Russia's literary world is shaken to its foundations when a mysterious gentleman - a professor of black magic - arrives in Moscow, accompanied by a... Les mer