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Faceless Artist #7: Bertil Greging
In this issue we talk to Bertil Greging about the perils of perfectionism and his new series of collages. I had the launch of the fanzine at his solo... > Les mer
Faceless Artist #3: Heidi Marie Wien
In this issue we talk to artist Heidi Marie Wien about site specific work. We also talk about what part painting plays when she is working with... > Les mer
Faceless Artist #4: Jenny Hampe
In this issue you can read about Jenny Hampe's journey from self suffi cient farmer in Norway, living of the grid, to mail artist and a part of... > Les mer
Faceless Artist #2: Siv Bugge Vatne
In this issue we talk to artist Siv Bugge Vatne about her fascination with small discarded objects and the challenges in working with found... > Les mer
Faceless Artist #6: Vanna Bowles
In this issue I talk to Vanna Bowles about different aspects of sexual desire and how it relates to her... > Les mer
Faceless Artist no. 1
Faceless Artist er fanzine som intervjuer norske kunstnere om deres prosess og arbeide. Fanzinen er på engelsk og har som mål å gi norske... > Les mer