’68: New Stories From Children of the Revolution broadly addresses the theme of revolution, utopia, dystopia and change, and is published to coincide with All Power to the Imagination, a major season of events taking place in London in April/May 2008 to mark the fortieth anniversary of the student uprisings in Paris of May 1968, and other protest movements worldwide that were inspired by them.

The ten writers gathered here, all born in 1968, explore the subject of revolution in brand-new specially written short stories. Governments are overthrown, the people are revolting. A utopia here, a dystopia there. From the skulduggery of Elizabethan London to the futuristic visions of science fiction, taking in undergraduate drug abuse, disaffected French youth, psychopathic desperate housewives and democratic cannibals along the way.

Table of contents

Nicholas Royle – Introduction
Toby Litt – History!
Justina Robson – 1968: A ShortSpan Snackfood. Valid for Year 7 Student Use. Calories: 231
Marc Villemain – This Was My Flesh
Tricia Sullivan – Plan C
Frank I Swannack – The Lovesick Womb
Christopher Kenworthy – Young
James Flint – Carl
Rhonda Carrier – Nine Cubed
Marc Werner – Someone Take These Dreams Away
Kerry Watson – The Sorry Years
Biographical Notes


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