Edited by Nicolaus Schafhausen and Katja Schroeder, Frankfurter Kunstverein
Texts by Thomas Bayrle, Maria Lind, Ariane Müller

Pecafil is named after the bright yellow, biodegradable building material which Michael Beutler used for a series of outdoor sculptures in the city of Frankfurt am Main. At stake in most of the German artist’s work is an experimental sculpture process where basic materials – wood, plaster, or glass – are used to analyze the standardization of common goods. His temporary, playful structures and forms constitute “a serious continuation of 20th century sculpture and architecture traditions and can function as almost pedagogical in relation to traditional public art. Seldom have attitudes from art history and the amateur carpenter been so interwoven”. Maria Lind

This first monographic book discusses issues of art in public space and the social-political implications of Beutler’s work.

Design by Surface, Berlin/Frankfurt am Main

Nøkkelord: Teori Kunst Kunstteori