Terminal 5

Contributions by Paul Andreu, J.G. Ballard, Glenn O’Brien, Nicolas Bourriaud, Douglas Coupland, Ben Davis, Wendy Dorsett, Dave Eggers, Norman Foster, Dan Graham, Erin Hogan, Ana Honingman, J.T. LeRoy, Hesse McGraw, Jonas Mekas, David Pascoe, Nina Rappaport, Susan Saarinen, Brian Sholis, Robert Smithson, Marc-Olivier Wahler, Andrew Lee Walker, Rachel K. Ward, Lori Waxman, et al.

“It would make a beautiful ruin.” Eero Saarinen

Terminal 5 was a group show curated by Rachel K. Ward at Eero Saarinen’s landmark 1962 TWA Terminal at JFK Airport. Originally scheduled to run from 28 September 2004 – 31 January 2005, the Port Authority closed the exhibition after the “controversial” opening night party. Initiated as a form of “dedication to the building” the exhibition explored themes drawn from the history and nature of travel, and responded to the significance of the architecture itself.

The catalogue is a secondary site for participating artists, writers and critics to engage with ideas raised by the exhibition and air travel. Designed by David Reinfurt, ORG, it is divided into three sections: architectural history, exhibition information, and air travel related essays, and balances extensive visual material related to the site and the exhibition with critical and historical texts.

The show included works by Vanessa Beecroft, Douglas Coupland, Kendell Geers, Dan Graham, Toland Grinnell, Fabrice Gygi, Mark Handforth, Jenny Holzer, Ryoji Ikeda, Just Another Rich Kid, Matthieu Laurette, Jonas Mekas, Aleksandra Mir, Jonathan Monk, Tom Sachs, Anri Sala, Tobias Wong, et al.

Nøkkelord: Essay Kunst Estetisk filosofi