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These Are Situationist Times
Excavating one of the great countercultural journals of the '60s, with previously unseen archival material Edited and published by the Dutch... Les mer
Postnordisk – Den nordiske kunstscenens vekst og fall 1976–2016
Denne boken utgjør den første omfattende presentasjonen av nordisk kunst og kunstliv i overgangen fra postmodernismen til det som i dag kalles... Les mer
B and/or an Exhibition Guide In Search of Its Exhibition test
B and/or an Exhibition Guide in Search of its Exhibition Valentinas Klimašauskas ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. Let us be deceived, but let us... Les mer
Poetical Assumption
«Writing starts with an assumption. There has to be space in which work can evolve - let's assume a context. There has to be a medium in which... Les mer
You Make Me Want To Die In The Country Side
Initially published as a three-part series in Blackwood’s Magazine during 1899 before its combined publication in 1902, Heart of Darkness tells the... Les mer
An Aggregation of Adversary
Texts by Oscar Tuazon and Stefania Palumbo The photographic series «Lead, Follow or Get the Hell Out of the Way» and the sculptural works in... Les mer
Håkon Bleken
Håkon Bleken – tekster i utvalg (1964-2008) inneholder tekster skrevet av kunstneren siden tidlig i karrieren og opp til nylig. Håkon Bleken er... Les mer
Sketches For A Mechanical Sunrise
Sketches For A Mechanical Sunrise is the first major presentation of Espen Dietrichson’s work and reveals a production with an unique sense for... Les mer
Torpedo is proud to publish the first retrospective on Kristensens work, focusing on the artist’s early life and art. The publication offers a... Les mer
Favoured Nations
Favoured Nations Momentum- 5th Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art, Torpedo Press 2009, Forord av Dag Aak Sveinar, Curators statement av Lina... Les mer
Shadow Lessons: Selected Works 2000-2007
The book presents a selection of Brown's photographs, installations and video work between 2000 and... Les mer
Kunst og prekaritet
Kunst og Prekaritet drøfter to hovedtemaer innen det siste tiåretsdiskusjoner om kunst, kultur og økonomi: På den ene siden kunstnerensom... Les mer
Tell all the Truth, but tell it slant, Success in Circuit lies
I Tell all the Truth, but tell it slant, Success in Circuit lies, utforsker Marie Buskov forholdet mellom rommet og fotografiet. Romlige collager av... Les mer
Figureheads / Related Words
Charlie McCarthy, a nobody, a nothing, adherent, advocate, alter ego, alternate, amicus curiae, armory, attorney, backup, backup man, badge, badge of... Les mer
Hvordan tenke museum i dag?
Hovedpåstanden i Hansens prosjekt er at museene fremdeles kan være normative og attraktive som møtesteder, men at deres rolle utsettes for press... Les mer
BallongMagasinets Lydbok
BallongMagasinet feirer 10 års-jubileum med utgivelse av LYDBOK, en antologi som undersøker hvordan lyd og lydkunst kan utfolde seg på papir – i... Les mer
A Fiesta of Tough Choices
A Fiesta of Tough Choices is published in collaboration with the international studio program in Sweden (IASPIS). The publication expands on the... Les mer
Solidarity Lost – Ten years of Work
“The Swedish artist Per Teljer has succeeded in confronting this genre with his video-taped ‘micro dramas’. In an ultra-compact format and with... Les mer
The New Administration Of Aesthetics
The New Administration of Aesthetics is a continuationof the different contributions presented at the conference with thesame name held in Oslo in... Les mer
What Does Public Mean? Art as a Participant in the Public Arena
What Does Public Mean? Art as a Participant in the Public Arena is a new anthology edited by artist and research fellow at the Oslo National Academy... Les mer