Bergvall’s artistic and poetic work is largely concerned with questions of cultural belonging, speaking with an accent, gender and sexual politics, the role of the artist and of art, multilingual poetics and new media for writing. Her essays and critical poetics explore questions of cultural and linguistic performativity, mixed-media writings and the politics and imaginaries of writing multilingually through the works of a number of poets and text-based artists. Many of these are published in critical anthologies, sopme of which are featured online. She is currently working on a volume of essays for the Contemporary Poetics series of Alabama University Press.

Director of the innovative and cross-arts writing program Performance Writing, Dartington College of Arts (1995-2000); Dartington Fellow (2000-2006); Co-Chair of the MFA Writing Faculty, Bard College (2004-2007). She is the recipient of an AHRC Arts Fellowship in Britain (2007-2010).

She has recently been awarded an Arts and Humanities Research Council Fellowship to generate a mixed media poetic work (2007-2010). She will be on a collaborative arts residency with visual artost Rodney McMillian, Hammer Museum (Los Angels, March-April 2009).

"Bergvall's hybrid work -- it is composed for live and digital performance, installation, video, as well as book form -- derives from post-punk music and sound poetry as well as from literary movements like Oulipo. Her sonic, verbal, and rhetorical devices are extremely sophisticated, encompassing Duchampian pun, phonemic bilingual (French-English) transfer, paragram, ideogram, allusion, and found text. – Marjorie Perloff

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    Caroline Bergvall: Cropper
  • Forlag: Torque Press
  • Utgivelsesår: 2008
  • Merknad: Edition of 250
  • Kategori: Poesi
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  • ISBN: 9781906851019
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