The Sleep of the Righteous

Doppelgangers, a murderer s guilt, pulp noir, fanatical police, and impossible romancesthese are the pieces from which German master Wolfgang Hilbig builds a divided nation battling its demons. Delving deep into the psyches of both East and West Germany, "The Sleep of the Righteous" reveals a powerful, apocalyptic account of the century-defining nation s trajectory from 1945 to 1989. From a youth in a war-scarred industrial town to wearying labor as a factory stoker, surreal confrontations with the Stasi, and, finally, a conflicted escape to the West, Hilbig creates a cipher that is at once himself and so many of his fellow Germans. Evoking the eerie bleakness of films like Tarkovsky s "Stalker" and "The Lives of Others, " this titan of German letters combines the Romanticism of Poe with the absurdity of Kafka to create a visionary, somber statement on the ravages of history and the promises of the future."

    Wolfgang Hilbig og László Krasznahorkai: The Sleep of the Righteous
  • Forlag: Two Lines Press
  • Utgivelsesår: 2015
  • Kategori: Prosa
  • Oversetter: Isabel Fargo Cole
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  • ISBN: 9781931883474
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