Hello Failure

Hello failure was presented in the Prelude Festival in 2007, and produced at PS 122 in March 2008. "The play opens quietly, more or less, on the Eastern Seaboard and then closes, more or less miraculously, somewhere else altogether, achieving on its happy and troublous way all the things a reader or audience member could hope for-- distance, speed, heart, submersion, emergence, truth, mystery, and more. By the end, in a plain and simple and fairly sad way, everything stands for everything else, nothing is not filled with mystery, and to be a living human being is seen to be--despite the drawbacks--the most enviable thing of all" -- Will Eno.

"One day people are going to realize that Kristen is the Chekhov of our time" -- Laylage Courie.

"You can hate if you want but you're wrong" -- Andy Horwitz.

Kristen Kosmas is a writer and performer. Her plays and solo performances have been produced at theaters in Seattle, Austin, Boston, and Chicago, and in New York City at venues including PS 122, Dixon Place, Little Theater, Barbes, and the Ontological/Hysteric Downstairs Series. As an actor, Kristen has appeared in many new plays including Mark Smith by Kate Ryan, The Internationalist by Anne Washburn, ASTRS and Some Things Cease To Be While Others Still Are by Karinne Keithley, How To Act by Jim Strahs, Playstation Levels 1 - 4 by Judy Elkan, The Florida Project by Tory Vazquez, and Hurricane by Erin Cressida Wilson. She is currently touring her multi-voice performance text, This From Cloudland.