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Enter Morris Imposternak, Pursued by Ironies
What shall we do with these questions, questions? The questions are there but not the answers. Sometimes it seems as if there ... Les mer
One of a Kind
A book of art and writing by the American poet, Jack Micheline. One Of A Kind combines unpublished work selected from the ... Les mer
Book of Fears
Artist Ava Fedorov’s Book of Fears is just that: a catalog of fears, from the generic and universal to the ... Les mer
Unbecoming Behavior
Consider yourself at home in this poem, pounding through the night, in her head they keep up the construction— a preemptive network of unmade... Les mer
Dreaming Escape
Valentina Saracini, born in Skopje, Macedonia, currently lives in Prishtina, Kosovo, where she is known both for her poetry and her work as a... Les mer
Dear Body
In the title sequence of this stunning debut, poet Dan Machlin imagines the dialog between body... Les mer
The Hot Garment of Love
The Hot Garment of Love is the first book of poetry from Brooklyn-based poet and performer Elizabeth Reddin. Elizabeth... Les mer
Blue and Red Things
Laura Solomon was born in 1976 in Birmingham, Alabama and spent her childhood in various small towns scattered across the ... Les mer
The Drug of Art
“The verses and fate of the poet Ivan Blatny . . . complete the fate of Czech literature, which transcended the borders of the nation, often... Les mer
Complete Minimal Poems
Long-cherished in out-of-print editions, anthologies and text books, and more recently celebrated on the internet, Aram Saroyan’s groundbreaking... Les mer
The Development of Aerial Militarism and the Demobilization of European Ground Forces, Fortresses, and Naval Fleets
Essay/Satire. Scheerbart’s 1909 pamphlet could be characterized as a montage of shifting registers, from banal to bombastic, ... Les mer
Ideals Clearance
“Just when you thought there were no more discoveries to be made in modernist poetry, along comes a Finno-Swedish Russian ... Les mer
A Different Practice
I try to not keep them entirely still just get them (the words) to crowd around something special (a theme) an idea that has such weight that... Les mer
Animals Vs. Furniture
Animals vs. Furniture recounts the life-or-cushions struggle between the eponymous creatures and household objects,... Les mer