Toward a New Poetics: Contemporary Writing in France

A quiet revolution is taking place in avant-garde French poetry and prose. In this collection of twelve interviews with some of France's most important poets and writers, Serge Gavronsky introduces American readers to these exciting new developments.

As Gavronsky explains, a neolyricism is now replacing the formalism of the 1960s, '70s, and '80s. In his substantial introduction, Gavronsky notes how the ideological definition of writing (écriture) has given way to more open forms of writing. Human experiences of the most ordinary kinds are finding a place in the text.

These interviews offer a view of the poets' and writers' creative processes and range over such topics as current literary theory, the impact of American poetry in France, and the place of feminism in contemporary French writing. Each interview is accompanied by samples of the writer's work in French and in Gavronsky's English translations.

Toward a New Poetics provides a highly informative cultural and critical perspective on contemporary writing in France, introducing us to works which are now transforming the idea of literature itself.


Writers interviewed:

Michel Deguy
Joseph Guglielmi

Claude Royet-Journoud
Jacqueline Risset

Jean-Jacques Viton
Jean Frémon

Emmanuel Hocquard
Marcelin Pleynet

Jacques Roubaud
Liliane Giraudon

Leslie Kaplan
Maurice Roche

About The Author

Serge Gavronsky is Professor of French at Barnard College, Columbia University. He is the author of numerous creative and critical works and is a well-known translator of contemporary French poetry.

    Serge Gavronsky: Toward a New Poetics: Contemporary Writing in France
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