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The Idea Of Communism 2
Beskrivelse: The very successful first volume followed the 2009 conference called in response to Alain Badiou's "communist... Les mer
Metapolitics argues that one of the main tasks of contemporary thought is to abolish the idea that politics is merely an object for philosophical... Les mer
Historical Capitalism with Capitalist Civilization
In this short, highly readable book, Immanuel Wallerstein provides a condensation of the central ideas of The Modern World-System, his monumental... Les mer
The Idea Of Communism
Contributors Slavoj A iA ek, Alain Badiou, Antoni Negri, Michael Hardt, Jacques Ranciere, Terry Eagleton, Jean-Luc Nancy, Susan Buck-Morss, Bruno... Les mer
For Marx
A milestone in postwar Marxist thought, containing Althusser's influential arguments on the epistemological break and... Les mer
Envisioning Real Utopias
Rising inequality of income and power, along with the recent convulsions in the finance sector, have made the search for alternatives to unbridled... Les mer
From Marxism to Post-Marxism
In this succinct and panoramic work - both stimulating for the specialist and accessible to the general reader - one of the world's leading... Les mer
On Ideology
The publication For Marx and Reading Capital established Louis Althusser as one of the most controversial figures in the Western Marxist tradition,... Les mer
War with No End
This title is published on the 6th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, the beginning of the 'War on Terror', John Berger, Naomi... Les mer
Race and Revolution
  A riveting inquiry into black history and American racism published here for the first time, Race and Revolution is a work of radiant insight... Les mer
Shooting People, Adventures In Reality Tv
  In the late 1990s, the global television industry struck gold. The reality game shows Big Brother and Survivor became TV events that whipped... Les mer
Cultural Resistance
From the Diggers seizing St. George Hill in 1649 to Hacktivists staging virtual sit-ins in the 21st century, from the retributive fantasies of Robin... Les mer
Cool Memories III, 1991-95: Fragments
This third volume in the "Cool Memories" set of books is culled from Jean Baudrillard's notebooks in the period when he was composing... Les mer
The Making of Bourgeois Europe
This defence of the concept of bourgeois revolution reasserts the importance of basic historical materialist precepts to an understanding of the rise... Les mer