After the Party: Corruption and the ANC

The first insider’s exposé of the African National Congress. Andrew Feinstein, a former ANC member of parliament, recounts how Mandela”s successor Thabo Mbeki repressed debate within the party, imposed his AIDS denialism on government, refused to criticize Mugabe’s rule in Zimbabwe and stopped an investigation of a £5 billion arms deal that was tainted by allegations of high-level corruption.

Feinstein shows how this infamous deal epitomizes all that is rotten at the heart of the ANC. Investigating the payment of up to $200 million worth of bribes, he reveals a web of concealment and corruption involving senior politicians and officials, and figures at the very highest level of South African politics.

With an insider’s account of the events surrounding the contentious trial of South Africa’s colorful deputy president, Jacob Zuma, and the ongoing tragedy in Zimbabwe, After the Party is the most important book on South Africa since the end of apartheid.

Praise for After the Party:

“For those contemplating a first journey into the murky world of South African politics, there can be few better guides than Andrew Feinstein.” — Independent

“A searing close-up portrait of the corrupting force of power” — Los Angeles Times

Andrew Feinstein is a former ANC MP. He has written extensively for the Guardian and the New York Times, among others, and is a regular commentator on the BBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera and CNN. He is currently writing a book on the global arms trade.