Beyond Black and White: Transforming African-American Politics

The scourge of racism haunts the US as persistently as it ever did and, faced with a renascent right, this state ot affairs is getting worse, not better. Rejecting both liberal inclusionist strategies and the separatist politics of Louis Farrakhan, Marable argues powerfully for a new “transformationist” strategy which retains distinctive a black cultural identity but draws together all the poor and exploited in a united struggle against oppression.

“Marable shows that careful, cognitive analyses can be conducted with passion. These essays effectively demonstrate that the path begins with frank and civil discussion.” — Emerge

“Marable argues tirelessly not just for better days for black America, but for Americans in general.” — Progressive

“Vital reading for anyone concerned with African-American politics today.”
— Jesse Jackson

“An important analysis for all who care about the on-going struggle for the fulfillment of the promise of democracy in our nation.” — Johnetta B. Cole, President, Spellman College

“This book is important reading for activists and theorists alike, and for all of us who want to be both.” — Angela Y. Davis

Manning Marable is Professor of History at Columbia University. His previous books include Race, Reform and Rebellion, How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America, Black Liberation in Conservative America, Black Leadership, Speaking Truth to Power, Let Nobody Turn Us Around, Dispatches from the Ebony Tower, Freedom, The Great Wells of Democracy, Black American Politics and African and Caribbean Politics. He is currently completing a major new biography of Malcolm X.