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Deepening Democracy
The institutional forms of liberal democracy developed in the nineteenth century seem increasingly ill-suited to the problems we face in the... Les mer
In his analysis of the deep social trends rooted in production, consumption, and the symbolic, Jean Baudrillard touches the very heart of the... Les mer
A Singular Modernity
The concepts of modernity and modernism are amongst the most controversial and vigorously debated in contemporary philosophy and cultural theory. In... Les mer
Welcome to the Desert of the Real
On September 11, the USA was given the opportunity to realize what kind of a world it was a part of. It might have taken this opportunity - but it... Les mer
The Fragile Absolute
With typical brio and boldness, Slavoj Zizek argues in The Fragile Absloute that the subversive core of the Christian legacy is much too precious to... Les mer
The Ticklish Subject
A spectre is haunting Western academia, the spectre of the Cartesian subject. Deconstructionists and Habermasians, cognitive scientists and... Les mer
Recasting Egalitarianism
In Recasting Egailtarianism, part of Verso's Real Utopias series, economists Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis diagnose the current malaise of the... Les mer
Associations and Democracy
As the tasks of the state become more complex and the size of polities larger, the institutional forms of liberal democracy developed in the... Les mer
The Love Germ
Place: Latin Quarter, Paris. Date: May 1968. Cast: Polly, Giorgio, Jane, Anna, Arthur and a thousand rioting students. Plot: Polly accepts that it... Les mer
Paroxysm: Interviews with Philippe Petit
To many, Baudrillard's writings are too abstract to comprehend and analyze; to some, they resemble poetry more than philosophical texts. Whatever one... Les mer
The Politics of Friendship
“O, my friends, there is no friend.” The most influential of contemporary philosophers explores the idea of friendship and its political... Les mer
Plague of Fantasies
Slavoj Zizek is, without doubt, one of the most stimulating and vibrant thinkers of our time, and his idiosyncratic blend of Lacan and Hegel is... Les mer
The Perfect Crime
In his new book, perhaps the most cogent expression of his mature thought, Jean Baudrillard turns detective in order to investigate a crime which he... Les mer
Equal Shares
How is it possible to translate egalitarian ideals into practical policy? in this second volume of the Real Utopias Project, John Roemer proposes the... Les mer
The Transparency of Evil
In his latest book, Jean Baudrillard contemplates Western culture “after the orgy” — the orgy, that is, of the revolutions of the 1960s. The... Les mer
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lacan
"A modernist work of art is by definition 'incomprehensible"; it functions as a shock, as the irruption of a trauma which undermines the... Les mer
The Sublime Object of Ideology
In this provocative and original work, Slavoj Zizek takes a look at the question of human agency in a postmodern world. From the sinking of the... Les mer
The Perfect Crime
In his new book, perhaps the most cogent expression of his mature thought, Jean Baudrillard turns detective in order to investigate a crime which he... Les mer
Homo Juridicus; On the Antropological Function of the Law
In this groundbreaking work, French legal scholar Alain Supiot examines the relationship of society to legal discourse. He argues that religion and... Les mer
Beyond Black & White
The scourge of racism haunts the United States as persistently as it ever did. Life expectancy for black men is now below retirement age. Average... Les mer
Impossible Exchange
Jean Baudrillard's now familiar investigations into reality and hyper-reality shift here into a more metaphysical frame. Working his way through... Les mer
Voice of Hizbollah
This is the first English translation of the statements of the leader of Lebanon's "Party of God", in a comprehensive edition. In July... Les mer