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Love Letters: Vita and Virginia
'I am reduced to a thing that wants Virginia. I composed a beautiful letter to you in the sleepless nightmare hours of the night, and it has all... Les mer
The Selected Works of Edward Said, 1966
The renowned literary and cultural critic Edward Said was one of our era's most provocative and important thinkers. This comprehensive collection of... Les mer
The Rings of Saturn
What begins as the record of a journey on foot through coastal East Anglia becomes the great, constellated story of people and cultures past and... Les mer
The hushed reverence of the gallery can fool you into believing masterpieces are visions that soothe, charm and beguile, but actually they are thugs.... Les mer
Berlin 1936: Sixteen Days in August
For sixteen days in the summer of 1936, the world's attention turned to the German capital as it hosted the Olympic Games. Seen through the eyes of a... Les mer
'I want to change, but not if it means changing,' a patient once said to me in complete innocence What do we do when we find ourselves trapped by... Les mer
What is this thing, religion, which has supposedly been the cause of bloodshed and warring for centuries? What is 'God' and do we need 'Him' in our... Les mer
How far have we come in our understanding of the world around us? In this eye-opening collection, Ian McEwan looks back at the history of scientific... Les mer
Queer City
In Queer City, the acclaimed Peter Ackroyd looks at London in a whole new way-through the complete history and experiences of its gay and... Les mer
A Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Irish Times, Refinery29, TLS and The White Review Book of the Year 2018 A provocative novel about the desire... Les mer
The Line Becomes A River
How does a line in the sand become a barrier that people will risk everything to cross? Francisco Cantu was a US Border Patrol agent from 2008 to... Les mer
In this rousing book, he charts the absurdities that underpin calls for austerity, as well as his own battles with a bureaucracy bent on ignoring the... Les mer
Selected from the books The Essentials of Psycho-Analysis and The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of the Sigmund Freud, Volume... Les mer
Can we ever be wholly free?  In this book of breathtaking imaginary leaps that conjure dystopias and magical islands, Margaret Atwood holds a... Les mer
I Am Not Your Negro
National Bestseller Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary To compose his stunning documentary film I Am Not Your Negro,... Les mer
Time Travel: A History
A time-jumping, head-tripping odyssey. The Millions A bracing swim in the waters of science, technology and fiction. Washington Post A thrilling... Les mer
Bob Slocum is anxious, bored and fearful of his job. So why is it he wants nothing more than the chance to speak at the next company convention? In... Les mer
How do we love? With romance. With work. Through heartbreak. Throughout a lifetime. As a means, but not an end. This book focuses on love in all its... Les mer
An exploration of race from one of the twentieth century's primary chroniclers of the African American experience. Is who we are really only skin... Les mer
Why should one half be free to live, while the other is doomed to watch silently from the sidelines? In this visionary collection, Virginia Woolf... Les mer
A raw, cerebral work devoted to the inextricability of pleasure and pain, and to the question of what role, if any, aesthetic beauty can play in... Les mer
To The Lighthouse (Vintage Classics Woolf Series)
Rediscover one of Virginia Woolf's greatest works in this beautiful new gift edition from Vintage Classics. Mr and Mrs Ramsay and their eight... Les mer
Orlando (Vintage Classics Woolf Series)
As his tale begins, Orlando is a passionate young nobleman whose days are spent in rowdy revelry, filled with the colourful delights of Queen... Les mer
The Years (Vintage Classics Woolf Series)
The Years follows the lives of the Pargiters, a large middle-class London family, from an uncertain spring in 1880 to a party on a summer evening in... Les mer