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Print and the Poetics of Modern Drama
What does it matter what we read? The question of the materiality of the book has surprising consequences when applied to dramatic writing, where the... Les mer
The Cambridge Introduction to Modern British Theatre
British theatre has long been regarded as a world-leader in terms of its quality, creativity and range. Starting in 1900, this book introduces the... Les mer
Direktøren og hans sekretær
«Frk. Selbye: Unnskyld … jeg er kommet … til riktig … Martinsen: Fy faen for en lidelse. For et vær og for en dag. Hvor mye skal en... Les mer
Aske / Visittid / I dette hvite lyset
Sverre Udnæs var det suverene navn innen norsk scenekunst ved sin bortgang, forgudet av de skuespillere som jobbet med ham, beundret av fagfolk... Les mer
Three Plays
Bringing together the rich characters and wry humor of a celebrated Texas scribe, this book collects three of Foote's most recognized plays. In... Les mer
Expressionism and Modernism in the American Theatre
Although often dismissed as a minor offshoot of the better-known German movement, expressionism on the American stage represents a critical phase in... Les mer
Fortell det ikke
Dette skuespillet er plassert midt i verden i et slags her og nå, samtidig gjenkjennes aktuelle steder. Selv om handlingen foregår på ulike tider... Les mer
The Persae of Aeschylus
The Persae is the oldest of surviving plays and its subject matter is unique in ancient drama, since it is concerned with a recent historical event,... Les mer
Debussy and the Theatre
Debussy and the Theatre means, in effect, 'Debussy and Pellias et Milisande', the only stage work Debussy chose and completed himself without a... Les mer
SONS OF LIBERTYs udistanserte Hongi hjerter og hjerner spiddet av enhjørningens anti-transcendentale regnbågs hallojs rosa horfluff med en twist
Denne boka samler Sons of Libertys scenetekster: Duell: Sons of Liberty II, God Hates Scandinavia: Sons of Liberty III og Swamped in Sensation, samt... Les mer
Slavery and Sentiment on the American Stage, 1787–1861
For almost a hundred years before Uncle Tom’s Cabin burst on to the scene in 1852, the American theatre struggled to represent the evils of... Les mer
The Spectator and the Spectacle
Spectators and audiences are everywhere in contemporary culture. However, even in conventional performance, whether in the theatre, in film or... Les mer
Native American Drama
The recent rise in publications and professional productions of Native American plays moves Native theatre from specific, cultural communities into... Les mer
Electra and Other Plays
SSophocles’ innovative plays transformed Greek myths into dramas featuring complex human characters, through which he explored profound moral... Les mer
Stick Fly - A Play
Adept at capturing the experience of the upper-middle-class African-American, Diamond lays out two families' worth of secrets in this precise... Les mer
The Pain and the Itch - A Play
In this brief but staggering two-act, playwright Norris demonstrates his skill at drawing out the dark truth that lurks beneath the surface of the... Les mer
Three Plays by Vladimir Mayakovsky
The three plays of this volume—A Tragedy (reproduced in the original typography), The Bathtub, and Bugs!—give strong testament to the great... Les mer
Här är allt så perfekt
Här är allt så perfekt innehåller tjugotre reportage om sådant som varje svensk bör veta: Om sverigedemokraternas ledare Jimmie Åkesson som... Les mer
Skuespillet Zivil er et bestillingsverk fra Riksteateret og hadde premiere i september 2008. Vi møter fem personer som ligger i dekning i et... Les mer
The Taming of a Shrew: The 1594 Quarto
This is a modernized edition of an anonymous play, long known to scholars, which appears to be an alternative version of Shakespeare’s popular... Les mer
Mellan scen och salong
Ridån går upp. Skådespelarna blickar ut över salongens välfyllda rader. Publiken riktar sin uppmärksamhet mot scenen. Scen möter salong och... Les mer
Psykose 4.48
I Psykose 4.48 blir det depressive – og suicidale – medvitet framstelt med stor avstand, og samstundes med smertande nærleik. Stykkets skjerande... Les mer
Euripides: Helen
This up-to-date edition offers a detailed literary and cultural analysis of Euripides’ Helen, a work which arguably embodies the variety and... Les mer
The Value of Names and Other Plays
Spanning a quarter of a century, this collection of plays demonstrates author Jeffrey Sweet’s eye for the drama of human relationships. Sweet works... Les mer