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Bleckede 2009 / Rochechouart 2011
Edited by Valérie Knoll and Hannes Loichinger. Texts by Guy Brett, Maeve Conolly, Mathieu Copeland, Olivier Michelon, Charlotte Moth, Sadie Murdoch,... Les mer
The Rough Guide to 21st Century Cinema
Celebrate the centurys' finest movies in "The Rough Guide to 21st Century Cinema", a lavishly illustrated homage to the world's... Les mer
Bergen Art Guide
Ctrl+Z Publishing is pleased to present Anja Ulset´s Bergen Art Guide, a visitors’ guide a series of imagined works of art, located throughout the... Les mer
«Abstracts» er en serie abstrakte kalligrafiske arbeider, laget med bredkantet skriveredskap, et skriveredskap som har gitt form til det latinske,... Les mer
Game of life. Etter rutenettet
Etter den store bybrannen i Kristiansand i 1892 malte Olaf Isaachsen (1835-1893) en serie bilder fra branntomtene. I disse impresjonistiske verkene... Les mer
Andre andre øvingar
Dette er den tredje boka med øvingar. Det to andre bøkene kom ut i 1994 og 2001. Forma er den same, men innhaldet annleis. På same vis som tonen i... Les mer
Brannon, Büttner, Kierulf, Kierulf, Kilpper
Published by Bergen Kunsthall, 2012 | Editors: Steinar Sekkingstad, Solveig Øvstebø Artist: Matthew Brannon, Andrea Büttner, Annette Kierulf,... Les mer
Lene Berg
Contributions by Sabeth Buchmann, Katerina Gregos, Dieter Roelstraete Edited by Caroline Ugelstad As Katerina Gregos states in her essay “On... Les mer
Aesthetics of Installation Art
In recent years, debates surrounding the concept of art have focused in particular on installation art, as its diverse manifestations have proven to... Les mer
Contemporary Art and Its Commercial Markets
Contributions by Stefano Baia Curioni, Karen van den Berg/Ursula Pasero, Isabelle Graw, Goldin+Senneby, Noah Horowitz, Suhail Malik/Andrea Phillips,... Les mer
Oh, Wilderness
Maria Loboda’s recent works expose prior events through sparse details of entangled secrets, material contradictions, and masked collusions. Oh,... Les mer
Nordic Fashion Studies
Fashion means much more than dress. There are fashions in all aspects of life, from the time and manner of taking meals to the ways in which people... Les mer
Den 7. juli 2012 åt 29 personar originalteikningar av ulike ville dyr. Dei som åt, valde ut kvar sine dyr teikna av Kurt Johannessen. Teikningane... Les mer
The Speech
The Speech er ei bildebok. Noko organisk endrar seg og veks gjennom boka. The Speech is a picture book. Something organic changes and grows... Les mer
Andre andre øvingar
Dette er den tredje boka med øvingar. Det to andre bøkene kom ut i 1994 og 2001. Forma er den same, men innhaldet annleis. På same vis som tonen i... Les mer
Higher Atlas/Au-delà de l’Atlas
Edited by Carson Chan and Nadim Samman. With texts by Carson Chan, Anthony Gardner, Kerryn Greenberg, Gideon Lewis-Kraus, Beral Madra, Simon Njami,... Les mer
Playing the City: Interviews
Including fifty-one artist interviews and texts by Matthias Ulrich and Nato Thomson From 2009 to 2011, the Schirn’s three-part project... Les mer
The Transdisciplinary Studio
We have entered a post-post-studio age, and find ourselves with a new studio model: the transdisciplinary. Artists and designers are now defined not... Les mer
Text by Carson Chan; introduction by Martin Hochleitner Over the past few years, Eva Grubinger’s work has investigated the definition of... Les mer
Chaos as Usual / Oh how Time Flies / No Sense of Place
For the past ten years Bergen Kunsthall’s fifth hall, the gallery and project space NO.5, has been a venue for small solo exhibitions that run... Les mer
Laura Horelli
This comprehensive oeuvre catalog (1999-2011) documents for the first time the broad oeuvre of the artist. In addition to text-based works and... Les mer
Blue, Red, and Green
Edited by Fabian Schöneich, Tobias Spichtig, Ursula Blickle. Contributions by Geoffrey Farmer, A.C. Kupper, Ken Lum, and Fabian... Les mer
Following on from the acclaimed "Just Looking" and "Still Looking", "Always Looking" is an insightful collection of art... Les mer
The Aspen Complex
With essays by Sabeth Buchmann, Felicity D. Scott, Alice Twemlow Martin Beck’s exhibition “Panel 2—‘Nothing better than a touch of... Les mer