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Wolves (lone.ly)
In WOLVES (lone.ly), Jonathan Ball meditates on the word ‘wolves’ to produce a series of disjointed poems exploring the meanings the word has... Les mer
Världen accelererade
För första gången presenteras den portugisiske poeten Vasco Graca Moura i en separatvolym på svenska. Hans lågmält resonerande lyrik har... Les mer
White Line Fever
Beskrivelse: The autobiography of the frontman of the loudest rock band in the... Les mer
Montreality: B-sides & Rarities
This new chapbook from critic’s pick Stephen Cain, collects rare and previously unreleased material, including lost concrete and sound poems,... Les mer
The blackberry – ubiquitous west coast fruit – is an incarnation of the principle of the commons. No one buys blackberries – they grow... Les mer
The Bad Sequence
Originally performed at The SpeakEasy Series of Informal Talks in Toronto in March of 2004, this text pokes fun at itself while asking a few... Les mer
Fun With Pataphysics
Fun With ’Pataphysics gives definitive answers to your unanswerable poetic questions and offers all the unsolicted writing advice you will never... Les mer
Noise Present At The Moment Less Clear
With a series of minimalist orchestrations, Noise Present at the Moment Less Clear by Paul Hegedus seeks to explore the musical nature of linguistic... Les mer
Reptile House
Reptile House, by Lisa Jarnot, is a series of Crocodile Odes. This is not as straight forward as it sounds. Playful and sharp, these amphibious... Les mer
Us Them Poems
Us Them Poems is a series of twenty prose poems about those who carry out a secret agenda and those who all of a sudden and unavoidably find... Les mer
Hazard is a collection of prose-poems and some other fine bonbons about the dangers and delights of the art-making life. In particular it explores... Les mer
Montreal, 1977. What was happening in conceptual art, performance art, multi-media experiments and poetry collaborations was happening around the... Les mer
Nothing By Mouth
Originally published in 1984 by Underwhich Editions, Nothing by Mouth is Karen Mac Cormack’s first book of poetry. Unavailable for some time, this... Les mer
Two From 'In The Millennium'
This chapbook contains ‘Prince George, Part I’ and 'Sixty,’ two poems from a larger collection McKinnon has been working on for a number of... Les mer
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Compression Sonnets
Taking his cue from Spanish poet Ramon Fernandez’s desire to reduce the venerable romancero to its "minimal elements—the prosodic base... Les mer
All Boy
Originally published in 2001 by the now defunct housepress, BookThug has re-issued this signature Stephen... Les mer
Species Ex(hib)it
Composed in part as an unwritable response to the events of September 11th, 2001, Species: Ex(hib)it accuses language’s inability to account for... Les mer
Mutations is Hugh Thomas’ first book of poetry. Many of the poems contained within are rearrangements of already existing textual material (ads,... Les mer
Swimming alongside the fairy tale and the bedtime story, these fishy poems and songs are the result of a playful collaboration between Shannon, her... Les mer
Pissing Ice; An Anthology of 'New' Canadian Poets
This cheeky little anthology is 40 pages long from title page to colophon, and has been stapled and bound into printed folded wrappers, which are, of... Les mer
Selected Losses
Jon Paul Fiorentino’s Selected Losses is an irreverent and energetic exercise in the poetic language of loserdom. Filled with sharp, witty turns of... Les mer
Jeg er ikke her
«I’m not here/ I’m not here/ This isn’t happening,» synger Radiohead i låta How to disappear completely, en låt som har lånt tittel til... Les mer
Konnotasjoner i metaspråk
I Konnotasjoner i metaspråk arbeider Di Ruscio hovedsaklig med alliterasjoner, og tilstreber utrydding av personlig pronomen. Det viktigste er dog... Les mer