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Two From 'In The Millennium'
This chapbook contains ‘Prince George, Part I’ and 'Sixty,’ two poems from a larger collection McKinnon has been working on for a number of... Les mer
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Compression Sonnets
Taking his cue from Spanish poet Ramon Fernandez’s desire to reduce the venerable romancero to its "minimal elements—the prosodic base... Les mer
All Boy
Originally published in 2001 by the now defunct housepress, BookThug has re-issued this signature Stephen... Les mer
Species Ex(hib)it
Composed in part as an unwritable response to the events of September 11th, 2001, Species: Ex(hib)it accuses language’s inability to account for... Les mer
Mutations is Hugh Thomas’ first book of poetry. Many of the poems contained within are rearrangements of already existing textual material (ads,... Les mer
Swimming alongside the fairy tale and the bedtime story, these fishy poems and songs are the result of a playful collaboration between Shannon, her... Les mer
Pissing Ice; An Anthology of 'New' Canadian Poets
This cheeky little anthology is 40 pages long from title page to colophon, and has been stapled and bound into printed folded wrappers, which are, of... Les mer
Selected Losses
Jon Paul Fiorentino’s Selected Losses is an irreverent and energetic exercise in the poetic language of loserdom. Filled with sharp, witty turns of... Les mer
Jeg er ikke her
«I’m not here/ I’m not here/ This isn’t happening,» synger Radiohead i låta How to disappear completely, en låt som har lånt tittel til... Les mer
Konnotasjoner i metaspråk
I Konnotasjoner i metaspråk arbeider Di Ruscio hovedsaklig med alliterasjoner, og tilstreber utrydding av personlig pronomen. Det viktigste er dog... Les mer
Livet i himlen
Poesi af digter og professor i semiotik Per Aage Brandt (f. 1944) med tegninger af billedkunstner Inge Ellegaard (f.... Les mer
Svantes Viser
Benny Andersens udødelige SVANTES VISER udkom første gang i 1972 og har siden, ikke mindst takket være Benny Andersens og Povl Dissings... Les mer
Crows in the Wind
A crow in the wind seems to know as much as you do. Crows in the Wind is the first part of a series of chapbook-length poems by Canada’s... Les mer
Retreat Diary
This double-edged little book from Margaret Christakos contains two new works that will turn on your brain and your body. Retreat Diary is an erotic,... Les mer
Mi Sing: A Second Alphabet of Lipograms
Victor Coleman’s first alphabet of lipograms, LETTER DROP, appeared in the year 2000 in a limited edition of 52 copies. This new collection... Les mer
Lack Lyrics
Imagine the conflictual aesthetic that might arise out of being downsized from what essentially amounts to a dead-end job you don't find particularly... Les mer
The Illustrated Venright English Dictionary
Illustrations by William Davison and Sherri Lyn Higgins Ever wondered exactly what ‘berserk’ means? How about ‘komoto’? Or ‘tantrum’?... Les mer
The Apothecary
I want an ingenious fibre to be treated as funny tragedy expressing a classic argument against materialism which runs like this: which changes of... Les mer
Aldrig har jag mött något ytligare än tiden
Rolf Zandén gestaltar tiden i små aforistiska sentenser i denna diktsvit. Här möter läsaren tiden som gått och minnena, men även nuet och... Les mer
De sover
Dessa aforistiska dikter banar med korthuggna rader läsaren in i ett landskap där samvetet fryser. Rolf Zandén gör allt för att värma upp dessa... Les mer
God is Alive Magic is Afoot
When Beautiful Losers, Leonard Cohen's legendary second novel was published in 1966 it was described by The New York Times as 'gorgeously... Les mer
City Slang
Digte, især om København, men også andre store europæiske byer og deres puls, sanset og bearbejdet af et åbent sind og en vågen... Les mer
Det Skabtes Vaklen
Digte om livets vilkår, der er skabt på klare par: liv og død, mand og kvinde, jord og himmel - men rummer en rest der vakler mellem poler, der... Les mer