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Buss til Halden søndag 10. juni kl 02.00 (etter Lyse Netter 9. juni)
Buss til Halden i forbindelse med 1ste dag av Lyse Netter. Stopper i Rygge, Råde, Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg og... Les mer
Buss til Oslo søndag 10 juni kl 02.00 (etter Lyse Netter 9. juni)
Buss til Oslo i forbindelse med 2dre dag av Lyse Netter. Stopper i Son, Vestby, Ski og... Les mer
Buss til Halden lørdag 9 juni kl 02.00 (etter Lyse Netter 8. juni)
Buss til Halden i forbindelse med 1ste dag av Lyse Netter. Stopper i Rygge, Råde, Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg og... Les mer
Konventionel drift
En overskuelig digtsamling om at være spændt ud mellem klarsyn og mistet fodfæste. Frontallapperne er mere aktive. Der er større... Les mer
Far Out West
“39 poems of humour and duress, written while attending to remnants of my childhood on satellite waves, realizing an inherent... Les mer
The Nearness of the Way You Look Tonight
A selection of recent poems by a poet of whom James Schuyler wrote: “Wit is never distant from the scenes he invents, a metaphysical wit suggestive... Les mer
Range Finder
“I have nowhere to go / that isn't automatically written language.” Is there such a thing as surrealist meditation? Non-narrative... Les mer
A Minute Without Danger
Agitation, determination, fierce confusion and a pitch-perfect sense of humor all interact chemically in Jacqueline Waters’ first book of poems.... Les mer
Inguna Jansone, född 1963 och bosatt i Riga. Debut 1993 med den samling som lånat sitt namn åt denna urvalsvolym, Fladdermussyndromet. Under... Les mer
Aerial # 5
This issue includes twenty pages from Carla Harryman and Lyn Hejinian’s erotic travelogue "The Wide Road," Tina Darragh... Les mer
Secret Histories
Secret Histories maps the nexus of history, language and political consciousness through the lens of a supposed but elusive present tense. The poems... Les mer
air pressure
air pressure is a book composed by eye. Rather than grouping poems by defining themes, chapters, or sections, as is typical of more familiar books of... Les mer
We Are Here
When his collection Grundstof, from which most of the poems in We Are Here hail, was published in 2004, it was welcomed in one of Denmark’s most... Les mer
Medea and Other Plays
That proud, impassioned soul, so ungovernable now that she has felt the sting of injustice' "Medea", in which a spurned woman takes... Les mer
William Carlos Williams writes, “There is a constant barrier between the reader and his consciousness of immediate contact with the world. If there... Les mer
A Lesson in Music
Jean Daive was born in 1941. This book is part 7 of his multi-volume work, Narration d'equilibre, of which 9 parts have appeared between 1982... Les mer
Parts of the Mass
This first book of poems juxtaposes contemporary physics, personal and public history, and a passion for the sound of words with the structural arc... Les mer
The Translation Begins
The myth of Diana and Actaeon forms the matrix for this poem which tells of Eros and Language, and of dismemberment. It tries to exasperate... Les mer
Miniatyrproduktioner möter vi en säregen poesi, där miniatyrerna utgör ekosystem, små enheter vars inre logik kretsar kring ett specifikt... Les mer
Agenda Melt
A capacious tent of splendor in a gender veldt, Agenda Melt, Elmslie's third book with visuals by Trevor Winkfield, juxtaposes new poems and theatre... Les mer
The Complete Odes
'we can speak of no greater contest than Olympia' The Greek poet Pindar (c. 518-428 BC) composed victory odes for winners in the ancient... Les mer
Den gale mands hest: og andre digte
Pentti Saarikoski (1937-83) er en uomgængelig enfant terrible i moderne finsk poesi. Hans digte og oversættelser af litterære hovedværker vidner... Les mer
Skärvor, senare
Skärvor, senare är titeln på denna urvalsvolym, som introducerar den tyska poeten och kortprosaisten Elke Erb på svenska. Erb hör till en löst... Les mer
If Language
Most anagrammaticians satisfy their urge with the rearranged name of a celebrity (Marshall McLuhan = Malls launch harm) or perhaps, if more... Les mer