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    Lyn Hejinian er født i 1941 i The San Francisco Bay Area, USA. Hun debuterede i 1976 og er digter, essayist og prisbelønnet... Les mer
Max Jacob (1876-1944) var maler og forfatter og regnes for en af de mest indflydelsesrige skikkelser i moderne fransk poesi. Han kom til Paris... Les mer
The Waste Land/Det öde landet
The Waste Land/Det öde landet utkom samma år som James Joyces nydanande roman Ulysses/Odysseus – 1922. Båda har idag position som milstolpar i... Les mer
What Matters Most is How Well You
This second posthumous collection from Charles Bukowski takes readers deep into the raw, wild vein of writing that extends from the early 70s to the... Les mer
Fisher Boy m.fl.
Fisher Boy m.fl. (Korrex Press, 2017) är ett ikonografiskt arbete med utgångspunkt i 43 objekt och platser, som på ett eller annat sätt är eller... Les mer
Blissful Times
A creature, a possible he actually, in perhaps to whereas, it hardly / it indeed, be ‘fellow.’ Be asking to appear at, asking to think of,... Les mer
Vergeuden, den Tag
In seinen neuen Gedichten zeigt sich Tom Schulz als Nachfahre jener Abenteurer, die der modernen Dichtung den Weg bereiteten: der mittelalterlichen... Les mer
Anna Blomst: og andre digte
Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948) var tysk maler, grafiker, digter og en af dada-bevægelsens helt store skikkelser. Han er mest kendt for sine collager,... Les mer
spiel · ur · meere
Wenn Sprache permanenter Entstehungsprozess von Ich und Welt als Kondensat der Wahrnehmung ist, was wäre dann die Suche nach Urwelt und Ursinn? Was... Les mer
Pencil of Rays and Spiked Mace
Produced in conjunction with the author’s appearance at Harbourfront’s 2004 International Festival of Authors in Toronto as part of their... Les mer
The Odyssey
An epic poem by the Greek poet Homer, which is the tale of Odysseus' wanderings, a story of heroic adventure and romantic... Les mer
The Loop
Seventeen years after the publication of the first volume of Jacques Roubaud's epic and moving The Great Fire of London, Dalkey Archive Press is... Les mer
Barnefestival på HOF 2018: Voksen
Endelig ! 3. november blir det igjen barnefestival på House of Foundation ! Vi har satt sammen et program med både det ene og det andre –... Les mer
Audiatur – Festival for ny poesi, 2018 – Dagspass 28. april
Audiatur – Festival for ny poesi avholdes for åttende gang på Litteraturhuset i Bergen 27.–28. april. Til årets festival har vi invitert... Les mer
zum fernbleiben der umarmung
Dass Assoziation und Gedankenschärfe gleichberechtige Funktionen von poetischer Präzision sein können, führt uns Monika Rinck in »zum... Les mer
The Haikube is a free-moving three-dimensional cube handmade from ebony. Each three-inch face is comprised of nine unit cubes. On the exterior face... Les mer
ICON TACT Poems 1984 - 2001
All the sections of ICON TACT were conceived as book-length single texts or serial poems; some of them were published as such in limited editions... Les mer
The Hunt
The Hunt is a collection of postcards that tell the fragmented story of a nameless family’s search for the murderer of their mother. It is a... Les mer
The Etcetera Barbecue
After the ‘after the end’, after the dreadful pulps, after all manner of casual abortion, cosy mutilation, pointless sacrifice and staggering... Les mer
The Sands of Dream
The Sands of Dream is the first English translation of Thérèse Renaud’s earliest book, considered by some to be the first truly Surrealist... Les mer
Ten Thousand Lives
Born in 1933 in a small rural village in Korea's North Cholla Province, Ko Un grew up in a Japanese-controlled land that was soon to experience the... Les mer
Earthly and Heavenly Journey of Simone Martini
Recognized as one of the great living poets of Italy, and several times a candidate for the Nobel Prize, Luzi wrote this work in 1994, when he was... Les mer
Gifts: The Martyrology Book(s) 7 &
‘All of Nichol’s work is stamped by his desire to create texts that are engaging in themselves as well as in context, and to use indirect... Les mer
Martyrology Book 5
‘All of Nichol’s work is stamped by his desire to create texts that are engaging in themselves as well as in context, and to use indirect... Les mer