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Historical Linguistics and Language Change
Language change happens in the spatio-temporal world. Historical linguistics is the craft linguists exercise upon its results, in order to tell... Les mer
In this new work, Bernd Heine claims that the structure of grammatical categories is predictable to a large extent once we know the range of possible... Les mer
The Raising of Predicates
One of the basic premises of the theory of syntax is that clause structures can be minimally identified as containing a verb phrase, playing the role... Les mer
This book is an introduction to syntactic theory and analysis which can be used for both introductory and advanced courses in theoretical syntax.... Les mer
A Notional Theory of Syntactic Categories
This book presents an innovative theory of syntactic categories and the lexical classes they define. It revives the traditional idea that these are... Les mer
A History of the Hebrew Language
A History of the Hebrew language is a comprehensive description of Hebrew from its Semitic origins and the earliest settlement of the Israelite... Les mer
Foundations of French Syntax
Designed for students, this detailed analysis of the principal areas of French grammar combines the insights of modern linguistic theory with those... Les mer
Information Structure and Sentence Form
Why do speakers of all languages use different grammatical structures under different communicative circumstances to express the same idea? Professor... Les mer
A Theory of Aspectuality
Sentences may pertain to states or processes or events. They may express duration, frequency, habituality, and many other forms of temporality. How... Les mer
Restrictiveness in Case Theory
Henry Smith develops a theory of syntactic case and examines its synchronic and diachronic consequences. Within a unification-based framework, the... Les mer
Italian Syntax and Universal Grammar
Guglielmo Cinque is one of the world’s leading theoretical syntacticians, and is particularly known for his application of recent theory to the... Les mer
Foundations of French Syntax
Designed for students, this detailed analysis of the principal areas of French grammar combines the insights of modern linguistic theory with those... Les mer
Reading Medieval Latin
Reading Medieval Latin is an introduction to medieval Latin in its cultural and historical context and is designed to serve the needs of students who... Les mer
The Lexicon in Acquisition
Without words, children can’t talk about people, places, things, actions, relations, or states, and they have no grammatical rules. Without words,... Les mer
Historical Syntax in Cross-Linguistic Perspective
In this major new work Alice Harris and Lyle Campbell set out to establish a general framework for the investigation of linguistic change. Systematic... Les mer
A Performance Theory of Order and Constituency
In this major new book John A. Hawkins presents a new theory of linear ordering in syntax. He argues that processing can provide a simple, functional... Les mer
Syntax and Parsing
This book examines the role of syntax in theories of sentence comprehension, and argues for a distinct processing component which is devoted to the... Les mer
The Syntax of Negation
In this book Liliane Haegeman presents an account of sentential negation within a Government and Binding framework. Building on the work of Klima and... Les mer
Grammar and Meaning
Since the publication of his Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics (1968), Sir John Lyons became one of the most important and internationally... Les mer
The Verb in Contemporary English
This collection of essays by some of the leading scholars in the field sheds new light on the verb in English. The central concern of the volume is... Les mer
Grammar: A Student’s Guide
This introductory guide to grammar explains one hundred basic grammatical terms. A knowledge of such terms, and how they interconnect, is crucial for... Les mer
Understanding Language Change
How and why do language changes begin; how and why do they spread; and how can they ultimately be explained? This new textbook sets out to answer... Les mer
Grammatical Roles and Relations
Frank Palmer’s new book is a typological survey of grammatical roles, such as Agent, Patient, Beneficiary, and grammatical relations, such as... Les mer
Although there is only one ergative language in Europe (Basque), perhaps one-quarter of the world’s languages show ergative properties, and pose... Les mer