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Using Spanish
This is a guide to Spanish usage for those who have already acquired the basics of the language and wish to extend their knowledge. Unlike... Les mer
Quantity Adjustment
This is a unified account of all quantity changes affecting English stressed vowels during the early Middle English period. Dr Ritt discusses... Les mer
On Definiteness
This book proposes a new theory of definiteness in language. It argues that definiteness should be viewed as a cover-term comprising three basic... Les mer
Portuguese: A Linguistic Introduction
This accessible new book provides a comprehensive introduction to the linguistic structure of Portuguese. Clearly organised, it covers the central... Les mer
Introducing Speech and Language Processing
This major new textbook provides a clearly-written, concise and accessible introduction to speech and language processing. Assuming knowledge of only... Les mer
Regularity in Semantic Change
This important study of semantic change examines how new meanings arise through language use, especially the various ways in which speakers and... Les mer
Romani: A Linguistic Introduction
Romani is a language of Indo-Aryan origin which is spoken in Europe by the people known as Gypsies (who usually refer to themselves as Rom). There... Les mer
Lexical Strata in English
In Lexical Strata in English, Heinz Giegerich investigates the way in which alternations in the sound patterns of words interact with the... Les mer
Grammatical Voice
Categories of the verb in natural languages include tense, aspect, modality (mood) and voice. Among these, voice, in its rich and diverse... Les mer
Italian Syntax and Universal Grammar
Guglielmo Cinque is one of the world’s leading theoretical syntacticians, and is particularly known for his application of recent theory to the... Les mer
Formulaic Language and the Lexicon
A considerable proportion of our everyday language is formulaic. It is predictable in form, idiomatic, and seems to be stored in fixed, or... Les mer
Using Arabic Synonyms
Designed for those who have already developed a basic competence in Arabic, this comprehensive synonyms guide aims to broaden and improve the... Les mer
Switch-Reference and Discourse Representation
In central cases of switch-reference, a marker on the verb of one clause is used to indicate whether its subject has the same or different reference... Les mer
Phonological Representations
Rewriting rules, derivations and underlying representations is an enduring characteristic of generative phonology. In this book, John Coleman argues... Les mer
The Syntax of Negation
In this book Liliane Haegeman presents an account of sentential negation within a Government and Binding framework. Building on the work of Klima and... Les mer
Principles of English Stress
Luigi Burzio’s Principles of English Stress challenges many of the assumptions that have underpinned the generative description of English stress... Les mer
The Syntax of the Celtic Languages
This volume brings together ten chapters on the Celtic languages using the insights of principles-and-parameters theory. The leading researchers in... Les mer
The Elements of New Testament Greek
Since 1914 Cambridge has published The Elements of New Testament Greek, a best-selling textbook for scholars and students of the Bible. The original... Les mer
Study Abroad and Second Language Use
Language plays an essential role in how we portray our personalities. Through social interaction, others develop a picture of us based on our... Les mer
Introducing Phonetic Science
This accessible new textbook provides a clear and practical introduction to phonetics, the study of speech. Assuming no prior knowledge of the topic,... Les mer
Expressions of Agency in Ancient Greek
Ancient Greek expressed the agents of passive verbs by a variety of means, and this work explores the language\'s development of prepositions which... Les mer
Fluent Aphasia
Fluent aphasia is a language disorder that follows brain damage, causing difficulty in finding the correct words and structuring sentences. Speakers... Les mer
Introducing Speech and Language Processing
This major new textbook provides a clearly-written, concise and accessible introduction to speech and language processing. Assuming knowledge of only... Les mer
The Syntax-Morphology Interface
Syncretism - where a single form serves two or more morphosyntactic functions - is a persistent problem at the syntax-morphology interface. It... Les mer