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The End of Literary Theory
The essays in this collection are concerned with the philosophical problems that arise in connection with the understanding and evaluation of... Les mer
The Paradoxes of Art
In this study, Alan Paskow first asks why fictional characters, such as Hamlet and Anna Karenina, matter to us and how they emotionally affect us. He... Les mer
Dostoevsky and the Christian Tradition
Dostoevsky is one of Russia’s greatest novelists and a major influence in modern debates about religion, both in Russia and the West. This... Les mer
Language and Sexism
The issue of sexist language has been hotly debated within feminist circles since the 1960s. Previous books have tended to regard sexism in language... Les mer
Välkommen till konvergenskulturen! Här möts och korsas nya och gamla medier, här kolliderar gräsrotsentusiaster och de stora mediebolagen, med... Les mer
Drama för lärande och insikt
Gavin Bolton och Dorothy Heathcote har under 40 år fungerat som ett dramapedagogiskt radarpar. Hon har varit inspiratören, han uttolkaren som har... Les mer
In Defense of Reading
Written by influential scholar-critic and award-winning Daniel R. Schwarz, In Defense of Reading: Teaching Literature in the Twenty-First Century is... Les mer
Bakhtin and the Visual Arts
Bakhtin and the Visual Arts assesses the relevance of Mikhail Bakhtin’s ideas as they relate to painting and sculpture. First published in the... Les mer
Att röra en värld
Den erotiska triangeln – svartsjukeintrigen där två personer strider om uppmärksamheten hos en tredje – är en välkänd formation i... Les mer
The Theatre of García Lorca
The Theatre of García Lorca offers radical new readings of his major plays, drawing on cultural studies, women’s and gay studies, psychoanalysis,... Les mer
Law and Literature
The emergence of an interdisciplinary study of law and literature is one of the most exciting theoretical developments taking place in North America... Les mer
Literary Englands
In our time ‘Englishness’ has become a theme for speculation rather than dogma: twentieth-century writers have found it an elusive and ambiguous... Les mer
Öyvind Fahlstrom: The Art of Writing
Öyvind Fahlstrom (1928-76), the Brazilian-born Swedish multi-artist, is one of the mid-twentieth century's most intriguing cultural figures. His... Les mer
The Renaissance Dialogue
This is a full-length study of the use of the dialogue form in Italy from the early sixteenth century until Galileo. Drawing on a wide range of... Les mer
The Novel of the Spanish Civil War (1936–1975)
This is a major English study of the novels of the Spanish Civil War. The book is based on an analysis of some eighty Spanish novels, written in... Les mer
Faulkner’s Subject
Faulker’s Subject: A Cosmos No One Owns offers a reading of William Faulkner by viewing his masterpieces through the lens of current critical... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to Performance Studies
Since the turn of the century, Performance Studies has emerged as an increasingly vibrant discipline. Its concerns – embodiment, ethical research... Les mer
The Consequence of Innovation
Dworkin has edited a collection of amazing new essays on poetics, summarizing the variety of poetries that have arisen in innovative writing during... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to Seamus Heaney
Seamus Heaney is a unique phenomenon in contemporary literature, as a poet whose individual volumes (such as his Beowulf translation, and individual... Les mer
När kvinnor blev lesbiska
I När lesbiska blev kvinnor undersöker Hanna Hallgren hur lesbiskfeministiska kvinnor i Sverige skrev om kön, sexualitet, kropp och identitet... Les mer
Cultural Theory: An Introduction
This second edition of Cultural Theory provides a concise introduction to cultural theory, placing major figures, traditional concepts, and... Les mer
William Carlos Williams and Alterity
Many critics have noticed the paradoxes and contradictions in the work of William Carlos Williams, but few have analysed them in detail. Professor... Les mer
The Early T. S. Eliot and Western Philosophy
Rafey Habib’s book offers a comprehensive study of Eliot’s philosophical writings and attempts to assess their impact on both his early poetry... Les mer
Bach and the Meanings of Counterpoint
In Bach’s Germany musical counterpoint was an art involving much more than the sophisticated use of advanced compositional techniques. A range of... Les mer