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T. S. Eliot: The Modernist in History
The centenary of Eliot’s birth in 1988 provided the salutary occasion for a fresh look at his life and work and a reassessment in light of issues... Les mer
The Ethics of Modernism
What was the ethical perspective of modernist literature? How did Yeats, Eliot, Joyce, Woolf and Beckett represent ethical issues and develop their... Les mer
Ethical Joyce
Marian Eide argues that the central concern of James Joyce’s writing was the creation of a literary ethics. Eide examines Joyce’s ethical... Les mer
Idols of the Market
Idols of the Market: Modern Iconoclasm and the Fundamentalist Spectacle reexamines the legacies of modern theoretical and artistic iconoclasm in the... Les mer
Race, Work, and Desire in American Literature, 1860–1930
Race, Work and Desire analyses literary representations of work relationships across the colour-line from the mid-nineteenth century to the early... Les mer
Voices of the Nation
Throughout the nineteenth century, American fiction displayed a fascination with women’s speech - describing how women’s voices sound, what... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to Laurence Sterne
Best known today for the innovative satire and experimental narrative of Tristram Shandy (1759–67), Laurence Sterne was no less famous in his time... Les mer
Milton and Gender
Milton’s contempt for women has been accepted since Samuel Johnson’s famous Life of the poet. Subsequent critics have long debated whether... Les mer
Dante and the Franciscans
Nick Havely examines the connections between Dante, the Franciscans and the Papacy as they appear in the Commedia and presents the poem as one... Les mer
Henry James and the Language of Experience
In Henry James and the Language of Experience, Collin Meissner examines the political dimension to the representation of experience as it unfolds... Les mer
Wyndham Lewis and the Art of Modern War
This collection is a specialised study to deal with the important question of Lewis’s aggression. The eight contributors consider Lewis’s career,... Les mer
Henry James and the Culture of Publicity
This book examines the relationship between the writings of Henry James and the historical formation of mass culture. Throughout his career, James... Les mer
Redefining Elizabethan Literature
Redefining Elizabethan Literature examines the new definitions of literature and authorship that emerged in one of the most remarkable decades in... Les mer
The Task of the Critic
Terry Eagleton occupies a unique position in the English-speaking world today. He is not only a productive literary theorist, but also a novelist and... Les mer
D. H. Lawrence and the Bible
The Bible, as this book demonstrates, plays a key role in nearly all D. H. Lawrence’s work. It supplies not only the inspiration but on occasion... Les mer
Ethics and Nostalgia in the Contemporary Novel
Images of loss and yearning played a crucial role in literary texts written in the later part of the twentieth century. Despite deep cultural... Les mer
The Place of Fiction in the Time of Science
In this book John Limon examines the various ways American authors have approached the writing of fiction (and justified that writing) in an age... Les mer
Cosmopoiesis: Renessansens prosjekt
Giuseppe Mazzotta (f. 1942), professor i italiensk ved Yale University, er berømt for sine nylesninger av klassikere som Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio... Les mer
The Revolution in the Visual Arts and the Poetry of William Carlos Williams
The formation of Modernist literature took place in a cultural climate characterised by an unprecedented collaboration between painters, sculptors,... Les mer
Mellomrom II: Omsetjaren Olav H. Hauge
Olav H. Hauge er av mange rekna for å vere ein av Noregs fremste omsetjarar. Omsetjingspraksisen hans står i nær samanheng med resten av diktinga,... Les mer
The Trace of Judaism
The defining quality of Russian literature, for most critics, is its ethical seriousness expressed through formal originality. The Trace of Judaism... Les mer
Art Theory: An Historical Introduction
Indispensable reading for both art lovers and students, Art Theory, 2nd Edition explores Western thought about art from ancient times to the... Les mer
Black Mountain
With faculty and alumni that included John Cage, Robert Creeley, Merce Cunningham, Buckminster Fuller, Charles Olson, Josef and Anni Albers, Paul... Les mer