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Walt Whitman and the American Reader
In Walt Whitman and the American Reader, Ezra Greenspan casts Whitman as the central actor on the stage of nineteenth-century American literary... Les mer
Spanish Romantic Literary Theory and Criticism
This study provides a fresh assessment of Spanish Romanticism through a sympathetic appraisal of its literary theory and criticism. It identifies the... Les mer
Analyzing Shakespeare’s Action
In this book, Charles and Elaine Hallett invite the reader to follow the actions of Shakespeare’s plays. They show that the conventional division... Les mer
Penelope’s Web
Penelope’s Web should appeal to a wide spectrum of readers interested in twentieth-century modernism, women’s writing, feminist criticism,... Les mer
Shakespeare Survey
Shakespeare Survey is a yearbook of Shakespeare studies and production. Since 1948 Survey has published the best international scholarship in English... Les mer
At Face Value
This study of Spanish American autobiography from its beginnings in the post-colonial nineteenth century to the present day concentrates mainly on... Les mer
The Metrical Grammar of Beowulf
This book argues that the formal art of the Old English epic Beowulf is shaped and determined by the poetic language which the poet inherited from... Les mer
Sporting with the Gods
Sporting with the Gods examines the metaphors of play, game, and sport as they are reflected in American literature and culture. The \'race\' for... Les mer
Céline: Journey to the End of the Night
This textbook series is ambitious in scope. It provides concise and lucid introductions to major works of world literature from classical antiquity... Les mer
The Decipherment of Linear B
The languages of the ancient world and the mysterious scripts, long undeciphered, in which they were encoded have represented one of the most... Les mer
New Essays on Native Son
New Essays on Native Son provides original insights into this major American novel by Richard Wright. After an introductory essay by the editor on... Les mer
Myth, Literature and the African World
Wole Soyinka, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and one of the foremost living African writers, here analyses the interconnecting worlds of... Les mer
Novel Epics
Novel Epics reassesses the origins of the nineteenth-century Russian novel, challenging the LukÁcs-Bakhtin theory of epic. Frederick T. Griffiths... Les mer
New Essays on The Portrait of a Lady
The Portrait of a Lady is arguably Henry James’s most appealing and accessible novel. The introduction to this volume of specially written essays... Les mer
Poetic License
In Poetic License, Marjorie Perloff insists that despite the recent interest in "opening up the canon," our understanding of poetry and... Les mer
The Iliad
This is the second volume in the major six-volume commentary on The Iliad now being prepared under the general editorship of Professor Kirk. Volume I... Les mer
Abstract Expressionism
Abstract Expressionism was the dominant movement in experimental American painting from the 1940s through the early 1960s. This book is a collection... Les mer
The American Historical Romance
This book traces the tradition of American historical fiction from its origins in the early nineteenth century to the eve of World War II. It... Les mer
Filming Shakespeare’s Plays
Shakespeare’s plays provide wonderfully challenging material for the film maker. While acknowledging that dramatic experiences for theatre and... Les mer
Criticism and Compliment
Criticism and Compliment examines the poems, plays and masques of the three figures who succeeded Ben Jonson as authors of court entertainments in... Les mer
A Coherent Splendor
In this book Albert Gelpi traces the emergence of American Modernist poetry as a reaction to, and outgrowth of, the Romantic ideology of the... Les mer
This book is an introduction to psycholinguistics, the study of human language processing. It deals with the central area of this field, the language... Les mer
A House Undivided
A whole range of major American writers have focused on images of the household, of domestic virtue, and the feminine or feminised hero. This... Les mer
The American Epic
This is the first thorough account of the many attempts during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to fashion a distinctly American epic... Les mer