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Ethics and Nostalgia in the Contemporary Novel
Images of loss and yearning played a crucial role in literary texts written in the later part of the twentieth century. Despite deep cultural... Les mer
The Place of Fiction in the Time of Science
In this book John Limon examines the various ways American authors have approached the writing of fiction (and justified that writing) in an age... Les mer
Cosmopoiesis: Renessansens prosjekt
Giuseppe Mazzotta (f. 1942), professor i italiensk ved Yale University, er berømt for sine nylesninger av klassikere som Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio... Les mer
The Revolution in the Visual Arts and the Poetry of William Carlos Williams
The formation of Modernist literature took place in a cultural climate characterised by an unprecedented collaboration between painters, sculptors,... Les mer
Mellomrom II: Omsetjaren Olav H. Hauge
Olav H. Hauge er av mange rekna for å vere ein av Noregs fremste omsetjarar. Omsetjingspraksisen hans står i nær samanheng med resten av diktinga,... Les mer
The Trace of Judaism
The defining quality of Russian literature, for most critics, is its ethical seriousness expressed through formal originality. The Trace of Judaism... Les mer
Art Theory: An Historical Introduction
Indispensable reading for both art lovers and students, Art Theory, 2nd Edition explores Western thought about art from ancient times to the... Les mer
Black Mountain
With faculty and alumni that included John Cage, Robert Creeley, Merce Cunningham, Buckminster Fuller, Charles Olson, Josef and Anni Albers, Paul... Les mer
The Grain of the Voice
This book brings together the great majority of Barthes’s interviews that originally appeared in French in Le Figaro Littéraire, Cahiers du... Les mer
Epic and Empire in Nineteenth-Century Britain
In the nineteenth century, epic poetry in the Homeric style was widely seen as an ancient and anachronistic genre, yet Victorian authors worked to... Les mer
Literature and Legal Discourse
The intersection between law and literature is a developing area in literary studies. Existing work has argued that literature provides an imaginary... Les mer
Hicks, Tribes, and Dirty Realists
Robert Rebein argues that much literary fiction of the 1980s and 90s represents a triumphant, if tortured, return to questions about place and the... Les mer
Fictions and Faces
British Romantic literature descends from a line of impostors, forgers and frauds. Through a series of case-studies - beginning with the golden age... Les mer
Dante and Renaissance Florence
Simon Gilson explores Dante’s reception in his native Florence between 1350 and 1481. He traces the development of Florentine civic culture and the... Les mer
Enigmas and Riddles in Literature
How do enigmas and riddles work in literature? This benchmark study investigates the literary trope of the riddle, and its relation to the broader... Les mer
Philosophical Chaucer
Mark Miller’s innovative study argues that Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales represent an extended mediation on agency, autonomy and practical reason.... Les mer
Sodomy, Masculinity and Law in Medieval Literature
William Burgwinkle surveys poetry and letters, histories and literary fiction - including Grail romances - to offer a historical survey of attitudes... Les mer
Artiklar om litteratur
Artiklar om litteratur er eit breitt oplagt og djuptpløyande tilskot til kunnskap og debatt kring nynorsk kultur og litteraturhistorie og ei rad... Les mer
Deviant Modernism
This original study re-evaluates central texts of the modernist canon - Eliot’s early poetry including The Waste Land, Joyce’s Ulysses and... Les mer
Constraining Chance
A token of the world’s instability and of human powerlessness, chance is inevitably a crucial literary theme. It also presents formal problems:... Les mer
Etter teorien
erry Eagleton er en av Englands fremste litteraturteoretikere og filosofer. "Etter teorien" er hans oppgjør med tilstanden i dagens kulturstudier,... Les mer
Singular Examples
This book focuses on the integral, interdisciplinary, and intermedial "compositions"—verbal, visual, musical, theatrical, and... Les mer
A History of Korean Literature
This is a comprehensive narrative history of Korean literature. It provides a wealth of information for scholars, students and lovers of literature.... Les mer